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5 Ways to Make Background in Word Most Complete

Interestingly a document to read is one measure of how the creator of the document is creative in binding the document. In addition, additional elements in the document can reinforce the content presented in the document. Is the content confidential, important, or copyrighted? Is the content public or owned by …

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7 Kinds of How to Make a Frame in Word

The frame ( border ) on a document can help draw the eye's attention and accentuate the information displayed in the document. These frames are usually used for official and valuable documents, such as diplomas, birth certificates, certificates, and more. If you do how to create a brochure in Microsoft …

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2 How to Check the Actual Internet Speed ​​(100% Accurate)

The Internet seems to have become our primary need. Even very difficult to escape from the name internet . With the internet, we can easily get any information we want, download various files like music, videos, pictures and so on. To access the internet you need to subscribe to internet …

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How to Install Android Studio on Ubuntu Linux

Android Studio is an app for Android mobile app developers. Android Studio is highly recommended by Google for developers to develop mobile apps. Android Studio now has version 3.0 which certainly has many new features, and the app development process is definitely faster. Android Studio is available for a variety …

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How to Make Keystore and Release APK to Publish to Play Store

Play Store is a marketplace where Android app downloads are provided by Google. The Android developers, many of which upload their works to the Play Store, although many choices of Android app stores like Amazon, Mobogenie, etc. To publish apps to Play Stroe there are some things to be prepared …

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Advantages, Disadvantages and How it Works

With the rapidly evolving technology and information, so many new terms are emerging. One is a technology called Cloud Computing or in Indonesian terms known by the name Cloud Computing . Glossary Cloud or Cloud this is actually a depiction of the internet technology itself. Often we see an internet …

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