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Snowden: ‘Get rid of Dropbox.’ Here’s the alternative he recommends

//player-backend.cnevids.com/script/video/5439c27e61646d0c45000000.js?iu=/3379/newyorker.dart/share A few years back, Edward Snowden picked something of a fight with cloud storage mogul Dropbox in an interview with the New Yorker. It’s a lengthy interview, but the meat of the matter that we’re addressing today comes at 1:04:55. We’re talking about encryption. We’re talking about dropping programs …

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Android Marshmallow-based LineageOS 13 is no more

A recent commit revealed LineageOS 13, based on Android Marshmallow, was deprecated. 11 devices still ran the now-discontinued Android ROM. LineageOS 13 was originally known as CyanogenMod 13 before the CyanogenMod team rebranded to Lineage. Even though the Lineage team primarily focuses on the Android Nougat-based LineageOS 14.1, work was …

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