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Get certified as a Lean Six Sigma project manager for just $49

Project Management is a golden ticket in many industries, so the AAPicks team loves getting wind of great offers on training kits. Today’s Lean Six Sigma deal particularly caught our eye. The Official Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification Bundle contains over 35 hours of accredited training in the globally …

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What you need to know about the lithium-ion successor

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the rechargeable cell of choice for smartphones and most of today’s other battery-powered gadgets. Despite their prevalence, Li-ion batteries are limited in power density, have reasonably short lifespans, and can become a fire hazard if damaged or incorrectly charged. These drawbacks could be a thing of the …

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iFixit has some guesses as to why the Samsung Galaxy Fold is so fragile

After news broke that early review units of the Samsung Galaxy Fold were easily breaking — and Samsung’s subsequent delay of the device’s worldwide release — many of us were left to wonder why the foldable phone wasn’t holding up. Even taking into account the problem of reviewers accidentally tearing …

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Google Camera mod brings aperture switching to Samsung flagships

Although Samsung’s camera hardware on its most recent lines of flagships is exceptional, its camera software isn’t nearly as good as it could potentially be. Luckily, the Google Camera mod is an easy way to bring the ultra-powerful computational photography of Google Pixel smartphones to your Samsung device. With the …

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