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Windows 10 Preview Build 18917 Shows Off New Linux Integration — Redmondmag.com

News Windows 10 Preview Build 18917 Shows Off New Linux Integration Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 “fast-ring” preview release is showcasing a coming Delivery Optimization enhancement, along with the ability to try the newly emerged Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2. This Windows 10 preview release, known as “build 18917,” is …

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Linux-powered System76 Gazelle laptop allows users to avoid the Windows Tax

Venerable Linux hardware OEM System76 released a refreshed version of their Gazelle desktop replacement. System76 unleashes another beast of a desktop System76 has developed a desktop computer that is fully open source, a work of art, and seriously powerful. Jack Wallen has the details. The relationship between Linux users and …

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Linux servers under attack via latest Exim flaw

It didn’t take long for attackers to start exploiting the recently revealed Exim vulnerability (CVE-2019-10149). Active campaigns One security enthusiast detected exploitation attempts five days ago: Just detected the first attempts to exploit recent #exim remote command execution (RCE) security flaw (CVE-2019-10149). Tries to downloads a script located at …

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Huawei’s Android puzzle: Is Linux Sailfish now an option alongside its own OS?

Huawei ban: Winners, losers, and what’s at stake (a whole lot) ZDNet’s Jason Cipriani and Jason Perlow talk with Karen Roby about how the security and trade brouhaha impacts everything from the future of regional carriers and the bottom lines of tech giants to 5G’s prospects and consumer’s pocketbooks. Read …

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