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PinePhone “BraveHeart” Limited Edition Linux Smartphone is Now Available for $150

Pinephone is a Linux smartphone powered by an Allwinner A64 processor, and running one of the various Linux mobile distributions such as PostmarketOS or Ubuntu Touch among others. Last time we wrote about Pinephone mass-production schedule, the phone was expected to start shipping in October, and there has been a …

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Crostini Will Now Use Debian 10 as The Default Linux Container – ItsChromeOS | Chromebooks | Chromeboxes | Chromecast | Assistant

Stadia seem to take all the spotlight this week but it isn’t Google’s only big project hitting milestones. Google made sure those on the fence about a game streaming platform continue staying on the fence after announcing several key features won’t be available on day-one for Stadia. Though the Califonia-based …

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Now you can buy a Linux smartphone for $150 (PinePhone BraveHeart developer/early adopter edition)

Several companies are planning to ship Linux smartphones in the coming months. The PinePhone is by far the cheapest — and it could be one of the first to ship… if you’re OK spending money on a developer/early adopter edition phone. The PinePhone “BraveHeart” Limited Edition smartphone is now available …

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