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AI chip design combines up to six Linux-driven MIPS Open cores with TensorFlow engine

Wave Computing’s “TritonAI 64” IP for edge inferencing enables SoCs with up to 6x open-ISA MIPS-64 cores (with SIMD) running Google TensorFlow on a Debian stack plus WaveTensor and WaveFlow technologies for up to 8 TOPS/watt neural processing.Earlier this month, Wave Computing released its first open source MIPS ISA without …

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QNAP Linux Station Supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS – Network – Press Release

PRESS RELEASE Taipei, Taiwan, April 17, 2019 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced that Linux Station is fully integrated with Ubuntu® 18.04 LTS, allowing users to enjoy the brand-new GNOME GUI desktop with higher security and easily install apps (including LibreOffice 6.0, Inkscape, and multimedia applications) from the Software Center. Linux …

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Entroware’s Linux laptops now available with up to Intel Core i9, NVIDIA RTX 2080

UK-based Entroware sells a line of computers that ship with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed, ranging from the 14 inch Orion, which sells for £550 ($720) and up to the 17 inch Helios mobile workstation, which goes for £1,700 ($2,220) and up. The company has just announced upgrades for several models, bringing …

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Linux kernel-bypassing Quobyte plug-in goes with the TensorFlow for faster file access • The Register

Linux-loving hyperscale types at Euro startup Quobyte have pushed out a plug-in for its Data Centre File System, used in HPC-style workloads, that enables TensorFlow apps to access its files directly instead of having to traipse through the Linux kernel. BBC bypasses Linux kernel to make streaming videos flow READ …

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The Current Windows 10 vs. Linux Browser Performance For Google Chrome + Mozilla Firefox

Last week were tests looking at the Firefox/Chrome web browser performance on eight Linux distributions but how does the situation look if adding Microsoft Windows 10 to the equation? Well, this article addresses that question as we looking at how well Chrome and Firefox compare Windows 10 vs. Linux on …

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Qt Creator 4.9.0 released with language support, QML support, profiling and much more

Yesterday, the team behind Qt released the latest version, Qt Creator 4.9.0, a cross-platform software development framework for embedded and desktop applications. This release comes with programming language support, changes to UI, QML support and much more. What’s new in Qt Creator 4.9.0? Language support Qt Creator 4.9 comes with …

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