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Undetectable HiddenWasp Linux malware linked to Winnti Umbrella

A sophisticated malware campaign dubbed “HiddenWasp” is targeting Linux systems with the goal of targeted remote control. Some researchers have linked the malware to the Winnti Umbrella cluster of advisaries but attribution is uncertain at the moment. Unlike other Linux malware, HiddenWasp’s goal isn’t to mine cryptocurrency or launch DDoS …

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Firefox fires blockers at trackers, Exim tackles command exec flaw, and RDP pops up yet again • The Register

Roundup It wasn’t just fake CIA agents, database mega-hacks and Bing flings in the security world last week. Here are a few tidbits beyond what you’ve read in El Reg. Exim bug resurfaces with improbable exploit Are you running the latest version (4.9.2) of Exim on your Linux box? If …

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IPFire 2.23 – Core Update 132 Released with Important Security Fixes, Kernel 5.2-rc4 Is Out, Akraino Edge Stack Release 1.0 Is Now Available, KDE Announces Its Google Summer of Code Students and Google Assistant Now Works with Waze

News briefs for June 10, 2019. IPFire 2.23 – Core Update 132 was released recently. This update includes security fixes and improvements to help secure systems vulnerable to some recent problems with Intel processors, specifically RIDL, Fallout and ZombieLoad. From the release announcement: “Two new types of vulnerabilities have been …

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