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Google’s Crostini lets you run GNU/Linux apps on Chromebooks without enabling developer mode

People have been running Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux distributions on Chromebooks for almost as long as Chromebooks have been available. While some folks have replaced Chrome OS altogether or created dual boot systems, the simplest method is to use Crouton, which allows you to install a Linux distribution in a …

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iconectiv Brings Its Device ID Expertise to the Linux Foundation

The Bridgewater, New Jersey-based company iconectiv this week joined the Linux Foundation Networking Fund. iconectiv is perhaps most well-known as a Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA). In this role the company handles the administrative work to enable people to port their phone numbers between different service providers. It operates as the …

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Microsoft Creates Its Own Version of Linux For The First Time, Launches Azure Sphere OS

With the onslaught of Internet of Things devices, ensuring its security has become a major concern among the makers. In a bid to safeguard IoT products, Microsoft has introduced Azure Sphere, a technology that will revamp the security of microprocessors that powers the smart appliances and gadgets we use. Azure Sphere …

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