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How to make GIF as a Wallpaper on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Computer wallpaper is one of the first views when the computer has finished booting. Although many ignore the display of the wallpaper on this computer, not a few also really pay attention to the wallpaper display on the computer. This is caused by, wallpaper is one of the things that …

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7 Best Ways to Improve PC Performance for Playing Games

Computers are electronic devices that have the ability to analyze and process data. At the beginning of its development, computers were indeed made for certain interests. You can see the development of first generation computers. As time goes by, computer functions are not just as tools for certain groups. The …

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6 Application Restarts Android Phone Without Root

Android phones in the era now it has been widely used by various groups. Starting from students until business people have started using an Android cellphone as a tool main for various purposes. Starting from just telephone and SMS, entertainment to work tasks that are directly related to smart devices …

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The 10 Best Bitcoin Miner Applications Here!

Making money only with internet and computers is no longer a strange thing to do today. There are many examples of professions that use computers and the internet as capital such as online shops, freelancers, internet cafes, youtuber, and others. this is because they already know how to make money …

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8 Best Clothes Design Android Applications

A smartphone is a communication tool that is currently used by so many people. Besides for communication functions, smartphones are also used as a tool for entertainment, business, and even for various activities in pouring creativity. Today more smartphone users use the Android operating system. Android is one of the …

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