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15 Ways to Fix The Computer Keyboard Not Working Easily The Easiest One

If you are working on a task or playing a game, then suddenly the keyboard is dead, it must be a very disturbing thing. You need to know, this is a common problem in computers. There are several types of laptop keyboard damage . This non-functioning keyboard can be just …

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Understanding Spam With Examples and Spam Terms (Complete)

The growing field of communication today makes any communication can be done easily and quickly. Any communication can be done anywhere and anytime. communication can be done without limitation of distance and time. With freedom of communication can make the relationship silaturrahmi become closer and get better. Communication can be …

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2 How to Turn Off Cortana in Windows 10 for Beginners (Complete)

Are you a Windows 10 operating system user? Maybe you are familiar with what is called Cortana. Cortana is a personal application originally developed by Microsoft for Windows 10 now also present for iOS, Xbox One and iOS. Applications that are often compared to Google Now by Google and Siri …

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Understanding Syntax In Programming Language

Understanding Syntax In Programming Languages ​​ Hearing the term syntax is possible for most people is still not familiar, but for those who are involved in the world of programming will be different again. This is because almost all activities performed by a programmer must be associated with the name …

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2 Ways to Remove Videos on Your Own Youtube (Complete + Image)

Youtube has a myriad of videos coming from its users. This is not surprising because Youtube is a medium for sharing videos. Not only applies to personal users, Youtube is also used by communities, companies, organizations, government agencies, and others. The videos available on Youtube are a collection of its …

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Understanding Trigger With Functions and Examples in the Database

Data can be converted into a required information using a database. Initially, the data consists of a collection of variables that will be replaced by information using various execution commands. That way, database management is indispensable for storing data until the time the data is executed. Currently, the most popular …

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