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How to Change the Start Up Sound in Windows 10 so that it is not boring

Did you know that the sounds of each application in Windows vary? Starting from Windows notification sounds like calendar reminder, system notification, critical battery alarm, low battery alarm and so on. These sounds can be set in such a way on Windows without the help of any application. You can …

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How to Check Reduced Followers on Instagram, Cheating!

Everyone certainly has social media to connect between friends with one another. Social media is very booming is Instagram. Instagram is an application that allows users to share photos videos, stories or what we know about instastory have many effects that you can use to make stories come alive, and …

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2 How to Create a MySQL Database with PHPMyAdmin (For Beginners)

For some people it is certainly foreign to the word database . What is a database? A database or database is a collection of data stored systematically on a computer that can be processed or manipulated using software to produce information. The database includes specifications such as data types, data …

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10+ Applications for Making the Most Popular Logo for Android Phones

For those of you who are doing business, surely you need branding to make your business easily recognizable to the public. And one of the things you need to build branding or a company image is a unique logo, but still describes your business. In making a logo not everyone …

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7 Best Ways to Improve PC Performance for Playing Games

Computers are electronic devices that have the ability to analyze and process data. At the beginning of its development, computers were indeed made for certain interests. You can see the development of first generation computers. As time goes by, computer functions are not just as tools for certain groups. The …

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6 Application Restarts Android Phone Without Root

Android phones in the era now it has been widely used by various groups. Starting from students until business people have started using an Android cellphone as a tool main for various purposes. Starting from just telephone and SMS, entertainment to work tasks that are directly related to smart devices …

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