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How to open / access Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc. that are blocked by the government

A few days ago, exactly yesterday a lot of netizens complained and were anxious about not being able to access some social media, such as Facebook, even the chatting applications they used most often: Whatsapp This phenomenon has become one of the trending topics ( #instagramdown and #whatsappdown ) on …

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Behavioristic Learning Theory: Application and Examples [LENGKAP]

Definition of Behavioristic Learning Theory In behavioristic theory, learning is a change in behavior caused by a communication relationship between a response or a response and a stimulus or stimulus. is a form of change that a student has experienced in a matter of his ability to behave using the …

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BANTEN Traditional House along with its Characteristics + Image [LENGKAP]

Banten Traditional House – Indonesia is rich in traditional houses that are very unique and also diverse. As previously discussed about the Bolon traditional house of the Batak tribe, North Sumatra. Next we move to Java, namely Banten. Banten area also has traditional houses with distinctive features and uniqueness. The …

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Rights and Obligations of Citizens along with Examples [LENGKAP]

As citizens who live a social life as a whole, they will not be separated from some even many values ​​and norms that govern. Indonesia has become one of the democratic and open countries. Indonesia also has clear rules and no double meaning. Understanding of rights and obligations in the …

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Here are 4 Ways to Easily Clean Touchscreen Laptop Screens

Along with development computer, now a laptop is already using a touchscreen display. This concept same as a smartphone, with the touchscreen, you can use it laptop with fingers without having to use the mouse. However, because the screen has more contact with the fingers, automatically, the screen is susceptible …

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