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Tutorial on How to Add Metadata to Pictures on Windows 10

Maybe some of us don't know what metadata is. What is metadata? Metadata is information contained in a file both image, video, document whose contents are in the form of an explanation of the file. The essence of this metadata is to provide overall information about a file. Windows allows …

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How To Set The Default Tab In Task Manager In Windows 10

Task Manager is the built-in system monitoring tool in the Windows operating system. The Task Manager displays information about running apps, services, current CPU, RAM, GPU, network and disk usage, programs that load with Windows, and some other valuable details. The Task Manager can also be used to figure out …

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2 How to Reduce PDF Size to 75% (No Application)

One of the most widely used documents is PDF, especially for official publications. Example: Journal, E-book, or official letters circulating on the internet. All devices have been provided with a PDF Reader for reading the PDF file . Documents in PDF format are indeed superior to other formats so people …

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How to Automatic Data Input in Excel? Check out the Full Review

How to Automatic Data Input in Excel – There are so many conveniences that we can get if we can learn even trivial things, with technological sophistication not only in electronic media, but in a number of circumstances in accounting, input data or even matters relating to the economic system. …

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2 Ways to Make Frames on Ms. Word Easily (Beginner)

Who doesn't know Microsoft Word? The word processing software that is the mainstay of Microsoft's company was first published in 1983 under a different name namely Word Multi-Tool Increasingly growing today, the journey of this software is increasing. This is marked by the addition of tools that did not exist …

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Here are the 5 Differences in Computer Technology and Communication Technology that Are Not Much Understood

Computer technology and communication technology at the moment are like two things that cannot be separated. Since the development of the computer world and the world of communication has continued to develop. The meaning of computer technology and also communication technology also experienced the same thing. Maybe nowadays ordinary people …

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