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2 How to Create New User on Linux for Beginners (Complete + Image)

User management is important in an operating system such as on a Linux operating system. Each user has at least a separate account when accessing Linux so that each user has their own user and home folder. This will also prevent damage and access to data or files by unauthorized …

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Understanding Technology With Benefits and Miscellaneous

Today, the increasingly modern age has changed the pattern of human life more dynamically. Where humans continue to find innovations to meet the needs of his life. That's what led to the creation of technology. Then, what exactly is technology? Without your awareness, technology has brought great influence to human …

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Actually 1 GB How many MB? And 1 GB How much is KB? Here's the answer!

In this era of digitalization, the internet has become a fundamental need for some people to perform activities in their daily life. For example, to communicate with other people to make buying and selling transactions can now be done using the internet. In Indonesia itself, people's lifestyles continue to experience …

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2 How to Enable Bluetooth on Laptop / Computer Quickly

If you have a computer or PC, you are more likely to use it for various activities. Starting from office activities for various jobs, teaching and learning activities, and so forth. This is not surprising, considering the feature features present in this hardware can cover in almost all fields. One …

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2 How To Block Someone's HP Number on Android (Newest 2018)

In this era of technology, communicating activities become easier. How not, with a variety of media communication options, the distance as if just a word that is getting smaller meaning. But although there are various ways to communicate, making calls via mobile phone will still always be an option. Not …

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