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Share YouTube Links that Start at Certain Minutes, Here's How!

Share YouTube Link – As we all know, YouTube is the number one video sharing platform today. There have been many videos uploaded on this platform, ranging from short-duration videos to hours. Especially for videos that are long in duration, there is one very useful feature provided by YouTube that …

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10+ CV Good & Attractive Job Application Examples of HRD [+File Doc]

To make a good and correct CV for a job application, you must learn and also record information that is useful that is closely related to the qualifications, work requirements, skills and desired positions of company to be applied. And do not forget with information about the age limit allowed …

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10+ Examples of Simple and Unique Mind Mapping + Explanation [LENGKAP]

Definition of mind mapping is one of the learning media that is considered to be quite effective and can help you to memorize or understand from a material. With the help of mind mapping, difficulties faced will be described as best as possible. This is because mind mapping explains the …

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10+ Examples of Scientific Research Proposals | Qualitative

In the world of research, you will often find research proposals. The content of the research proposal is a complete and detailed design of the study, including the theories, reasons and methods to be used. Some of all science must also go through the research phase. Therefore, before conducting a …

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Cooperative Characteristics + Explanation [LENGKAP]

Maybe you have heard the word cooperative. What is the cooperative? Cooperatives are an economic organization carried out and carried out by members of cooperatives. Then what is the purpose of the formation of cooperatives? The purpose of the cooperative is to prosper its members and to advance the national …

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10+ Examples of Covering College, High School & Middle School Papers, Groups [LENGKAP]

In the world of education, we become students and students must never be separated from the name of the assignment. These assignments are given by a teacher or lecturer. Tasks given are also various forms, for example papers, reports and other assignments. The most important thing during the assignment of …

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