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11 Ways to Use Snapchat for Beginners (Newest 2018)

You are certainly familiar with this one, right? Snapchat is a mobile messenger application that allows users to send videos and photos that will be automatically deleted according to the duration specified by the sender. The videos and photos sent / posted are called Snap. Now, with this application, you …

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3 Ways to Use Minitool Partition Wizard for Beginners!

Talking about making partitions on a PC / laptop is certainly not far from an application called Minitool Partition Wizard. This application is a free partition application that provides various features that we can use to maximize disk usage. Some of the advantages of Minitool Partition Wizard include being able …

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Here's how to make powerpoint 3D effects for beginners!

3D objects have more appeal than 2D. 3D objects display images that are more real and alive with a combination of length, width and depth. In terms of manufacturing, of course 3D objects are more difficult than 2D. The choice of 3D effects on powerpoint has a tendency to presentations …

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11 Ways to Watch TV on the easiest Android phone for free

Mobile has become an important and important item for someone to carry anywhere. Especially now that mobile phones have developed into objects that are not just to communicate. With features that are far better than the first time out, mobile phones provide other entertainment facilities. For those of you who …

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How to Record a Screen on a Vivo HP Without an Application, Easy!

Speaking of how to record video, you must have immediately imagined to install the Screen Recording application. Indeed, from the beginning of its development, Android smartphones have been equipped with the ability to record. However, before doing so, the smartphone must have been rooting [199003] rooting first. This method was …

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How to Download Files in Scribd Without Login / Register, Free!

Before the existence of the internet science could be obtained through conventional books. Now, the existence of the internet makes it easier for us to obtain various insights and knowledge from all corners of the world. Without exception for students who need insight from the many references available on the …

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