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Encrypt and secure your files with Kruptos 2 Pro — 67% off today

With all the cyber criminals out there, your files could be stolen at any time. The cloud is one option, but it’s famously been breached before. Anyway, you’re always likely to have some sensitive files on your laptop or smartphone. Kruptos 2 Professional offers a solution. This ultra-secure technology allows …

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Collection #1: What is it and what you should do

Troy Hunt Have I Been Pwned creator Troy Hunt announced the Collection #1 data breach. The collection of files contains millions of compromised email addresses and passwords. The compromised data supposedly comes from 2,000 databases. Data breaches have become so commonplace nowadays that we’ve almost become numb to them. However, …

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Google ordered to filter search results in Russia as part of censorship law

Shutterstock Russia’s communications authority has reportedly demanded that Google route its citizens’ searches through a government-approved filtering system. According to Sky News and Russia’s Interfax agency, the authority has issued repeated requests to filter Google searches in the country. The demands come after Russia passed a new law last year, …

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