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Cataract Surgery Need Not Be Feared

Cataracts: fog that blocks vision. If your parents are warned by an ophthalmologist that he or she is suffering from cataracts do not be afraid. Generally people over the age of 60 years suffer from cataracts and almost Most of these cases successfully treated with surgery. Maybe you've heard about cataracts. Cataracts are not white membranes that cover the eyes but the opacities of the lens of the eye so it looks like a glass of milk. The view will be blurred and dimly lit because the light is obstructed by the cloudy lens so that it does not reach the retina (the back of the eye's nerves) the cataract takes from several months to several years to mature. Sometimes cataracts though only half-baked at an early stage have begun to interfere with vision. When matured and finally mature (mature & hardened) this will cause blindness. Cataracts can be caused by various things but most often due to the aging process. Eye accident kidney disease and certain drugs can also be a cause. Even a newborn can be exposed to cataracts.

The shadow of light on the lens.

Normal eye lens is essentially transparent colorless and lying just behind the pupil (eye bead). The shape almost resembles a magnifying glass lens. This lens serves to continue the light as well as focusing the shadow to fall right in the retina (eye nerve) in the back of the eye at the back of the eye. When the retina receives this light (shadow) the retina will forward the signal signal to the brain so we can understand what we see. When cataracts occur a foggy or cloudy lens inhibits the light that travels to the retina so the brain only accepts blurry shadows.

Cataract surgery is not to be feared

Like many patients you may be surprised and scared when doctors say that your parents suffer from cataracts and the only treatment only with surgery. What you need to realize cataract surgery with modern techniques is safe and effective for many patients. The long hospitalization of pain during surgery and the long healing time is no longer part of the cataract removal process.

Cataract surgery: blurred vision

Effective catarrh cure is simply by lifting a hazy lens (cataract) with surgery. Diet or drugs do not provide anything meaningful to slow or prevent the occurrence of cataracts. Visions of cataracts with emergency procedures are very rare except for certain cases if cataracts cause glaucoma or if the eyes are swollen and severe. Usually if vision has disrupted the activities or lives of your parents the family may decide to operate.

What happened during the surgery

There are several ways that doctors use to eliminate cataracts. Generally cataract surgery lasts about an hour sometimes less than 1 hour. The usual surgical technique is the ECCE technique (extracapsular cataract extraction). This technique required a larger incision of about 11 MM of a cloudy lens then removed intact and removed from the eyeball. It takes a planting eye lens to replace a cloudy eye lens then sewn with fine threads (micro sutures) usually around 5 to 6 stitches. Certain eye clinics have used surgical techniques with advanced equipment PHACO machines to lift cataract lenses. By inserting a small needle into the eye and vibrating at high speed Then the cataract can be destroyed for later sucked out

Thus the incision is very small about 3 to 5 mm and it only takes 1 stitch or none at all. With this small incision will minimize estimate / cylinder abnormality and recover quickly so that the sharpest back sight is optimal. The ophthalmologist will tell you what technique suits the case your parents experienced before the surgery. Before surgery your parents will be given medication to help to relax and relax. In the operating room section around the eyes Will be cleaned then a sterile cover will be placed covering the face and head. Usually cataract surgery is done with local anesthesia. However, in certain cases it may be selected by general anesthesia so that your parents will fall asleep.

Artificial planting lens

After cataract surgery will be planted with artificial eyepiece to replace the cataract lens and has been removed during operation. This lens provides excellent vision improvements. Because this planting lens is really close to the similarity with a normal eye lens. The cropping lens provides a side view that is full of good vision perception and does not cause the enlargement of the shadow as in the cataract eye glasses. Another good thing about the right eye lens is that after being planted inside the eye, this lens will last a lifetime without treatment. To maximize the vision of your parents usually only need ordinary glasses.

This lens is usually planted at all during cataract surgery. The patient's vision will improve optimally. The patient's vision will improve with the optimum the doctor will determine the corresponding plant lens. First eye will be measured using ultrasound. Then with the computer analysis will be obtained power plant eye lens that is suitable for your parents. Although almost all patients are compatible with this planting eye lens but there are some of the patients who suffer from diabetes glaucoma and eye inflammation do not match the lens of this planting eye.

You seem to feel quickly finished

With modern techniques most patients do not need hospitalization. One important thing to note is to press and scratch the eyes in the postoperative period. We recommend using eye shields at night for several weeks to protect the eyes from unconsciously scratching during sleep. In the daytime should wear glasses because the eyes may still be sensitive to the sun. The doctor will drop the visit for control during this period and will advise treatment with eye drops or other medication. Your parents can perform normal activities as long as they do not cause distressing eyes.

The results you can see

Most people feel that their vision is recovering shortly after cataract surgery. But the results vary from patient to patient. After eye examination the doctor will explain the results as you wish.

Great success in vision

With the development of surgical techniques the type of cataract surgery is now a safe operation. More than millions of people in the world have used planting eyepiece with very satisfactory results. Due to the latest techniques and the development of planting eyepiece. Your parents can re-engage in activities previously disturbed by cataract disease. Based on the age of health and results of surgery the doctor will provide suggestions in carrying out daily activities that your parents can enjoy again.


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