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Blogger Permalink Becomes Like WordPress

how to change the permalink format in blogger to be like a permalink on wordpress. hello blogger friends like the code admin admin will share a few tips actually this way more to redirect blogger permalink instead of replacing because basically the blogger permalink format structure is default and cannot be changed by default. we can only manipulate the link, while the original link that remains legible is a typical permalink structure with the .html format.

Actually this script has long been spread in outside blogger forum forums but because more and more Indonesian people are plunging into the blogger world, this tutorial is very necessary. we have to admit that the permalink structure in WordPress is a simple permalink structure, many of which say that wordpress permalinks in terms of SEO are very good, although I don't agree with that statement, let's justify it depending on the perspective of each person.

, and the thing that I like most about wordpress permalink is simple, unlike blogger who displays complete with month and date. besides that at the end of the link there is an html extension. this is a hallmark, and I also don't know whether the blogger permalink format and wordpress permalink format have different SEO values ​​in the eyes of search engines, only google and colleagues know.

 change the permalink format in blogger to be like permalink on wordpress "border = "0" data-original-height = "288" data-original-width = "664" height = "276" src = "https://1.bp.blogspot.com/--MTISvPVhjo/W3AqehmflyI/AAAAAAAADuk/ qQ6iOwgVOzsInyAWUN1yken4Ss7U4QQPQCLcBGAs / s640 / Replace% 2BFormat% 2BPermalink% 2BBecome% 2BS like% 2BWordPress.jpg "title =" changes the permalink format in blogger to permalink on wordpress "width =" 640 "/> </a></div>
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there are some things I need to emphasize before you use this method first, you analyze yourself whether it will have a bad impact on each blog that you manage, redirecting this permalink also has an impact on SEO that happens in your blog, in my opinion everything you have to consider well.

if all is only for learning purposes then let's look at the following complete method

how to change the blogger permalink format to like wordpress permalink

As you know if the blogger permalink forms like this

https: / /jagoankode.blogspot.com/2018/08/cara-menulis-artikel-seo-friendly.html

while permalink format wordpress later if we switch or we change it to be like this: [19659007] https://jagoankode.blogspot.com / how-to-write-articles-seo-friendly

now the two links above are very clear, the difference is that there is a date on blogger while wordpress has no date and is certainly simpler. for the demo you can see through this link

okay for how to make it like this:

1. please enter your blogger dashboard
2. Log in to EDIT HTML
3. Copy the code below and put it right above the code Please or & lt;! – – & gt; & lt; / body & gt; or you can also put it under the code or also & lt; head & gt;

4. Last step Save Theme / SAVE
5. Completed

please see your current permalink will definitely be redirected to wordpress permalink like the case above


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