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BitLocker Encrypted disk was not readable by Mac – iSumsoft

fix the disk i inserted was not readable

A few days ago, after I inserted a BitLocker-protected disk into a Mac computer, I got an error message ”the disk I inserted was not readable by this computer”. I feel surprised and wondering with some questions: Why a disk with a BitLocker password is not recognized on a Mac. Is there any way to fix this error?

There is no need to worry. Now, I explain to you why this is happening, because BitLocker is a full disk encryption tool built into Windows system, BitLocker-protected disk can only be read on Windows. However, the corresponding Mac OS encryption tool is FileVault, which is dedicated to encrypting Mac’s hard drives. So a disk with BitLocker password will not be recognized by the Mac computer.

But I have a way to help you fix this error, which is by running our software like iSumsoft Bitlocker Reader for Mac. It is an extremely useful tool that enables you to unlock, access and read BitLocker-protected disk on your Mac. This guide will walk you through how to fix ”BitLocker Encrypted disk was not readable by Mac” error, so that the disk you inserted was readable by this Mac computer. Let’s get started!

According these steps to execute as follows

Step 1: Download the iSumsof BitLocker Reader for Macutility and install it on your Mac computer. After installation is complete, open the Launchpad and run the BitLocker Reader for Mac.

Step 2: Insert the BitLocker encrypted disk into your Mac. If you get the error message ”the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer”, just click the Ignore button. After inserting the disk with BitLocker password, it is immediately recognized by the BitLocker Reader for Mac and displayed in a list. ( As shown below )

the disk is recognized and displayed

Step 3: Choose the BitLocker-encrypted disk from the list and click the Unlock button.

unlock the disk

Step 4: Enter the password and then click Mount button.

enter the password to mount

In addition: If you forget the password, but there is a BitLocker recovery key file, you can use the recovery key file to replace it. Do it as follows:

Check the Use key file box, click Open button to import the recovery key file into the utility, and then click Mount button.

import the recovery key file

Step 5: After mounting, the BitLocker-encrypted disk is unlocked, it means the error on the Mac you have successfully fixed.

the BitLocker-encrypted disk is unlocked

Step 6: When you are done, click the Eject button to remove the disk from your Mac.

eject the disk from mac


It is really sad to hear your problem. But I have a solution to your existing problems, which is the Sumsoft bit locker Reader for Mac software. It is a simple and effective tool that repairs the error “the disk I inserted was not readable by this computer” on the Mac. As far as I am concerned, It is safer for you to download, install and run the software to fix your error on your Mac.


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