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Beware of toddlers who have diabetes

We as parents must be confused if a child who was born healthy is normal and free from disease. But now it must swallow the bitter reality. Moreover, the devastation of my mother's feelings when she learned that her young child was convicted of diabetes.

Usually you might often hear that diabetes attacks only adults. But the fact is not. Diabetes can attack anyone even knows no age. Some opinions suggest that this diabetes cannot be cured.

This disease can only be temporarily suppressed. But again even this statement can be wrong. Because the source of the disease is God's power. And only if he wants to get well, can any malignant disease be completely cured.

Early symptoms commonly occur in toddlers who have diabetes.

Look carefully if before the child's behavior is normal and does not arouse suspicion. So this time we have to start increasing alertness, especially the quickest way to detect a disease is to look at its daily behavior. [Strange] Symptoms we can see if they often don't do normal or normal things as usual. We can start analyzing with various possibilities. The initial symptoms of diabetes in these toddlers are

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 Frequent urination at night. If on the previous day the child is not like that then this time we should be vigilant. Urinate very often even in the span of 15-30 minutes. </p>
<p> frequent urination. The child's appetite also starts to decrease dramatically. So that his weight drops or shrinks quickly. Sometimes in his sleep if cyanak never wet his bed now due to excessive urination the child can easily wet his bed while sleeping. [19659002] Obviously this isn't it hernia-red disease should not be wrong in recognizing or detecting disease just because they often wet their bed. Symptoms will become clearer when you reach the top like the body feels hot. The body feels heavy and weak. The face looks pale. It is not appetizing to do activities and easy to feel sleepy and tired. </p>
 Immediately Perform an Examination if There Are Signs that Are Not Fair to Toddlers. </h2>
<p>We will never know the condition of the child. Do not let the disease he gets into the final or chronic category. because we are slow in checking the condition of his health to the doctor. </p>
<p> Immediately do an initial examination to the nearest hospital. Or consult with your personal doctor. By conveying some of the symptoms above. Doctors must have known that it was an attack of diabetes. </p>
<p> If it was indeed a symptom of diabetes. Please do a series of blood tests. It is necessary to know that normal blood sugar levels in children only range from 70-140. If more than that, it can be ascertained that sugar is very high especially reaching 200-250. </p>
<p> That's not to mention when they consume sweet foods. Sometimes it can reach up to 300 points. Well, if you are already positive for diabetes, you as a family should help remind you for a healthy lifestyle even every second. </p>
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