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Surprise—Python wins again!

Here’s the breakdown (the contenders listed below were
nominated by LJ readers via Twitter):

  • Python: 31%
  • C: 20%
  • C++: 14%
  • Other: 9%
  • Java: 8%
  • Perl: 7%
  • JavaScript: 4%
  • PHP: 3%
  • Ruby: 3%

wins Best Programming Language again this year in Linux Journal‘s
annual Readers’ Choice Awards. It’s easy to use, powerful and
versatile with a really large and active community. Having that
supportive community ensures that developers of all skill levels
easily can find the support and documentation they require, which feeds
Python’s popularity. It certainly helps that Python has something like a
corporate sponsor. Python is recognized as an official language at
Google, running on many of its internal systems and showing up in
many Google APIs. In fact, Google’s developer website offers free Python
classes, videos and exercises


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