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Best Battle Royale Games for Android 2018

Looking at the history of battle royale games, no one had even wondered of the community to grow so much. The popularity and craze for these games have skyrocketed. They effortlessly hold the number one spot for the most played game in any major digital distribution platform. The battle royale game PUBG managed to overthrow Dota 2, the most played game on steam for quite a while. However, that is the scenario for PC. For Android, they didn’t break off any charts with Candy Crush still being the most played game until the end of January 2018. Oh, that tasty sugary game.

Battle Royale games might not get as popular as Candy Crush. That’s fine, they don’t need to get either. Not everyone has a good device to run these games. This results in crappy framerate and overheating of the device which kills battery life instantly. Even if people get access to a good device, not everyone finds the controls easy. Sure, practice makes perfect. However, that said not everyone wants to have an intense, action-packed, survival shooter experience. Some prefer to play casual, light-hearted games that are great time killers. That’s all right. Less competition for players.

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However, if battle royale games are what you breathe and crave for then you just stumbled across the right post. Battle Royale games are not for people its for survivors. People who know how to make meat without a cleaver. Below are mentioned some of the best battle royale games for Android in 2018.

Rules of Survival

With this game, NetEase Games invites players around the globe to rewrite the rules of survival. Rules of Survival is a more feature rich version of PUBG with better graphics. The developers have added a lot of cosmetics with an 8×8 KM map. Unlike PUBG, Rules of Survival allows 300 players to battle at once. This creates a more dense and intense atmosphere rewarding the players with more kills while also decreasing the chances of their survival. Survival of the fittest it is.

The game allows the players to create a team of five players. The environment feels life like with varied weather effects changing in real time. The high graphics comes at a cost. The optimization of this game is on point still it can get clunky at times. Low-end devices might have a hard time running this game smoothly at either 30 or 60 FPS.

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire feels exactly the opposite to Rules of Survival. The only aspect they have in common is the battle royale play style. Rest of the stuff is straight 180 degree. Free Fire has a smaller map with 50 players in each game. It focuses on quick matches that can be completed in or under ten minutes. Perfect during a short break. Free Fire also has some unique features of its own such as the zip line which allows the players to quickly travel from higher ground to lower ground. As unstrategic it sounds, it actually is. Players who play battle royale games very well know the advantage of high ground.

Free Fire showcases respectable graphics with good frame rates even on a lower end device. So, Free Fire is a must have and best-suited game for players who have low to mid-tier smartphones.

PUBG Mobile

No battle royale games list is complete without the mention of this game. The first of its kind and the first one to do it well. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds features realistic graphics and rigid mechanics. The game is a breeze to look at. The PC version of the game is not that optimized. However, the same is not the case for its Android version.

Recently, the devs have been really busy adding new features to the game such as the elite pass and vivid skins. PUBG has the biggest fan base among all the battle royale games. The community is huge, always enthralled by the nature of the game. Dedicated Discord servers and a lot of funny in-game moments and glitches have allowed this game to rise above its competition. Yes, it is as ironic as it sounds.

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Upcoming Games

Fortnite is the most anticipated battle royale game for Android waiting for a release date. Epic games recently updated,

“We are targeting this summer for the release. We know many of you are excited for this release, and we promise that when we have more information to share, you’ll hear it from us first.”

So, hearing the above statement Fortnite might be coming to Android sooner than expected. It will be interesting to see how the developers managed to implement the build and battle mechanics for the portable handheld device. Till then, keep your fingers crossed.

There are other battle royale games available for Android. However, not a single one is worth giving a shot. Most of them are simply a replica of PUBG or present the players with a bad experience. Moreover, the above-mentioned games cover all the various versions that one might look for in a battle royale game.


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