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Benefits, Scope, Objects [LENGKAP]

Definition of Geography

Do you know what is meant by Geography? During this time, people considered that geography was a branch of learning about the earth. Not only that, the definition of geography actually exceeds that, because geography includes principles, scope of space, and also aspects that exist within geography and has ties to the lives of a number of humans.

The definition of geography in general is a science which discusses the similarities, differences, and location of a space from physical phenomena that occur and also humans that are on earth.

The origin of the word geography itself is taken from Greek, namely geo which has the meaning of Earth and word graphein which has the meaning of explaining or writing. Geography has even been taught at school.

 Understanding Geography is

To better understand what geography means, you can refer to the definition of geography below. Where the definition of geography below is the understanding of geography according to some experts:

Claudius Ptolomaeus assumed that the notion of geography was a presentation that passed the map from half to the entire surface of the earth.

Karl Rither thinks that the understanding of geography is an analysis of the earth which is where humans live. Geography can also cover all types of phenomena that exist on this earth, for example, such as in organic and inorganic nature. Which is still related to human life, for example human activities .

Strabo assumes that the notion of geography is a branch of science that is closely related to the existence of location factors, special characteristics and relationships between regions in its entirety.

Von Rithoffen assumes that the definition of geography is a science that discusses the properties that exist on the surface of the earth, the symptoms and also the population that has been compiled and based on its location, and can try to explain a reciprocal relationship between traits and the symptoms are present.

Paul Vidal de La Blance assumes that the definition of geography is the study of the quality of the countries which can be a determinant of life and depends on how humans it can process nature itself.

Benefits of Geography [19659002]  Benefits of Geography

Here are some of the geographic benefits that you need to know:

  • The benefits of geography are being able to use land use for agricultural activities.
  • The benefits of geography are being able to use mine resources produced from an area.
  • The benefit of geography is that it can use geothermal energy, which is geothermal energy that is geothermal that enters through blasting large cavities and is in the earth's crust.
  • Benefits of geography that can research and get to know certain areas that are the epicenter of the earthquake. Which later will be able to anticipate the possibility that will happen.
  • The benefit of geography is that it can use the wind to become as energetic as using windmills or aerodynamic devices.
  • The benefit of geography is that it can use flashes of lightning that are useful for adding energy from electrical energy resources.
  • The benefit of geography is that it can use the air layer to get radio wave frequencies.
  • The benefits of geography are being able to know weather forecasts which can later help us in activities such as agriculture and transportation.
  • The benefit of geography is that it can use the river as a source of power from electricity.
  • Benefits of geography, which can use waves or waves that are useful for water sports.

Scope of Geography

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Geography has 3 scopes, namely physical geography, geography social and regional geography. The following is an explanation of the geographical scope :

1. The scope of physical geography

Physical geography is a science of geography that studies the overall physical conditions that exist in a phenomenon or event that has occurred on this earth. Physical geography also concerns the conditions that exist in the natural environment, for example natural phenomena that are in the geosphere and related to relief, shape, climate.

Not only that, the geosphere also has links all things about the earth and also physical processes that have occurred on land, air, and sea. Which is very influential for the survival of humans.

Some things that are included in the scope of physical geography are all symptoms that occur and occur in the atmosphere (air layer), pedosphere (soil layer), lithosphere (rock layer), anthroposphere (space), biosphere (layer of life, and hydrosphere (water layer).

2. Scope of social geography

Social geography is a science of geography that studies all activities in human life in a complete manner with the interactions he will make with the environment Examples of the scope of this one are the cultural environment the economic environment and also the social environment.

Where these social geography has problems that have relation to human activities that exist within the space, where these activities make humans as social beings. [19659035] 3. Regional geographic scope

Regional geography is a science of geography that studies a particular topic, and covers a particular area. This regional geography also studies a topic or topic that specifies a range of certain regions and regions as a whole, can be from social aspects and its physical aspects.

The areas studied can be provinces, cities, country, and village. And this regional geography is also often referred to as the highest form in geography.

Geographical Objects

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Every science has several objects of study, as well as geographic science. The following are the objects of study of geography which are divided into two, namely:

1. Formal Objects

In geography science has a formal object. The object of this study is a spatial perspective that can be poured into concepts that exist within geography. Therefore, in a formal object that becomes an object is not an object or material, but is a spatial phenomenon.

To be able to discuss more deeply the phenomena that exist on earth, this geographic science often analyzes locations, distributes in the earth and can also be interrelated with another phenomenon and phenomenon.

2. Material Objects

In geographic science have objects called material objects, these objects are phenomena of the geosphere or the surface of the earth, and inside are lithosphere, atmosphere, pedosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and anthroposphere.

Biosphere or plant and animal world has formed a geographic environment in which there are several abiotic components, for example land, water, air, mining goods, and others. And there are also biotic components in which there are plants and also animals.

Thus is the discussion of the definition of geography and important things related to it. Hopefully this article can help you in doing assignments, etc.


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