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Benefits, Purposes & Types (Complete)

The Meaning of Morals

Morals are derived from the word Al Khulk, which in arabic means attitude, behavior or habit. Etymology is defined as the behavior of a person who is judged from his or her daily life to be done without coercion and purity from within. According to the Indonesian Dictionary, KBBI is moral or ethical.

Ethics According to Experts

 Moral Understanding

In addition to the general definition, some scholars have expressed their views on moral meaning, some These are:

1. Muhammad Ali Assy Al Jurjani

The first understanding of morality came from Muhammad Ali Assy Al Jurjani. He says that morality is the nature of good and bad.

2. Ibn Maskawaih

Ibn Maskawaih's definition of morality is an existing or embedded characteristic of one's soul. Morals are capable of motivating the person to do something without the need for any consideration.

3. Gabriele

According to F Gabriele, morality is a moral value inherent in a human being. Morals are also often called manners or etiquette and manners.

4. Ahmad Bin Musthafa

Ahmad Bin Musthafa states that morality is a knowledge that can control the power that exists within a human being, namely the power of anger, orgasm and thinking.

5. Abu Hamid Al Ghazali

Another by Abu Hamid Al Ghazali says that morality is an inherited trait and gives birth to simple acts that need not be thought of if they wish to do so.

In terms of morality, it is defined as an existing trait. in a person who can be excluded without compulsion and reasoning from another's point of view.

Benefits and Purposes

 The Meaning of Morals and their Benefits

There are several benefits and purposes of learning science commendable morals, some of which are:

1. Perfecting Faith

Praise is one of the ways of perfecting faith. A good Muslim is a man of noble character and imitates our model, the Prophet Muhammad.

2. Successful nation building

Good morals will make a better country. If the ranks of the government occupying an important position have good morals, then the country will be safe and at peace. There will be no form of deception such as corruption or abuse of power.

3. Creating peace in society

When everyone in a society has a commendable attitude, it will be easy to find peace. People who tolerate each other, respect others' opinions, and be honest will earn the reward of Allah SWT.

4. Obtaining priority on the Day of Judgment

There is a proposition that the virtuous people will gain priority on the Day of Judgment. Therefore, it is not wrong for us to improve our morals while living and having time in this world.

Divisions and Morals

There are two types of moral divisions, namely, the Moral and the Moral Morals

A. Morals of Humility

Morals are all kinds of praiseworthy or good human behavior. This is a moral code that is expected of all devout Muslims. There are many priorities in this simple moral code.

Praise is one of the marks of the perfection of faith. This good manners will be possessed by those who have strong faith in Allah SWT, because those who are close to Allah SWT are the ones who always follow the teachings of the Prophet. The Messenger of Allah always taught good manners to be a model for his people.

B. Morals of Morals

 The Meaning of Morals and their Variety

Contrary to simple morals, morality is an unpleasant behavior in front of others. Many people interpret morality as a behavior that should not be possessed by devout Muslims. The morality of the family is further classified into several types, namely Al Ghadlab, Ananiyah, Al Istikbar, Al Buhtan, Al Hasad and Al Ishraf.

1. Al Ghadlab

Al Ghadlab or grumpy is another type of Mazmumah morality. Anger is caused by blood boiling in the liver and requires a vengeance. The feeling of anger is always present in the human heart, but this should not make us an irritable human being.

2. Ananiyah

What Ananiyah means is selfish. Humans are never satisfied with something they already have, so they always demand more. This is the root of selfish or ananiyah behavior. Good Muslims should not be selfish because they always need others.

3. Al Istikbar

Al Istikbar means arrogance and considers himself better than anyone else and refuses to acknowledge his own shortcomings. This action also results in the demeanor of others.

4. Al Buhtan

Like the fourth morality of the family is Al Buhtan or lie. This behavior was highly disliked by the community as it had many adverse effects. People with lying behavior will not be trusted by others.

5. Al Hasad

The next type of despair is Al Hasad or envy. Envy is a feeling of resentment when a person enjoys more pleasure than himself. In fact, if the pleasure is taken away from others, then neither will the self benefit. It is one of the deepest forms of greed that man has.

6. Al Ishraf

The last one was Al Ishraf. Al Ishraf has too much meaning, or wasted something that has no benefit. This often happens in everyday life, such as not eating and drinking, buying unnecessary things, and dressing prominently. Being modest will not make a human being low in the eyes of God, because what distinguishes it is the level of faith and devotion.

Praise and Disgrace Examples

 Examples of Morals praised and despised who can be a lesson in life. The first example of commendable morality is the tolerance or tolerance of fellow human beings. </p>
<p> There are various religions, races and ethnicities in Indonesia. Good Muslims certainly do not discriminate against people on such matters. Tolerance has also been exemplified by  Prophet Muhammad  to the disbelievers of the Quraysh. People who like to lie will not be liked in any society. Besides, people who lie will never be trusted by anyone again. Aside from the two examples above, there are many other examples of despicable acts, such as arrogance and humiliation. </p>
<p> These are some of the things you should know about. Having good morals will make you rewards, perform the sunnah of apostles and be liked by many. </p>
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