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Benefits, Positive & Negative Impacts

Understanding Social Media

 Understanding Social Media Is

Who in the world does not know the meaning of social media? Social media is a term that refers to a website or application that is designed to enable users to share content quickly, efficiently and in real time.

The author believes that the majority of millennial generation and gen-Z must have social media in their gadgets, for example Youtube and WhatsApp, two applications which are the two most popular social media in Indonesia.

Media social is one of the most sophisticated inventions that is still very much enjoyed by the community until now. Based on data released by Wearesocial Hootsuite in January 2019, social media users in Indonesia have reached 56 percent of the total population or equivalent to 150 million users.

Not to mention if the Palapa Ring project is completed, penetration is predicted the internet will increase rapidly. Palapa Ring itself is a government project in the field of telecommunications in the form of optical fiber along 36,000 kilometers. The purpose of this project development is to improve the quality of telecommunications in Indonesia with a large capacity network.

Benefits of Social Media

 Understanding Social Media and Its Benefits

The presence of social media provides many benefits in various fields. Now, here are some of them.

1. Mangunung Relasi

Social media enables one another to connect. With these capabilities, we have a great opportunity to build a professional network online, for example by making friends with colleagues, mentors, role models and other professionals. When good relationships have been built, we have a wider network that will facilitate us when looking for opportunities. For example, looking for work.

2. Providing More Effective Learning Media

For students, social media can make it easier for them to add information and knowledge. For example, Youtube currently many channels have appeared that specifically discuss subject matter.

3. Providing Media to Distribute Talent

Social media allows us to channel talents and express ourselves. That way, we can also get appreciation from friends and are motivated to develop.

4. Simplifying Latest Information Updates

Currently, various information media also use social media to expand the reader market. By connecting social media to various information media, users can quickly update the latest information .

5. Opening Business Opportunities

High public enthusiasm for social media opens promising business opportunities. Entrepreneurs can use social media as an effective marketing media. With creative and interesting content, entrepreneurs can expand markets and maximize the marketing of their products.

Positive and Negative Impacts of Social Media

Social media does make a big difference to people's life patterns. The community also has a high enthusiasm for social media because it has various benefits and offers many opportunities.

However, you must also be aware that social media can have a negative impact if abused. Now, that is what we will discuss here. What are the positive and negative impacts of social media?

A. Positive Impacts

 Positive Impacts

1. Opening the Mind

Social media can make us more open-minded when using it wisely. With social media, we can connect with people from anywhere in the world and share information. This will make us more open and have a higher tolerance.

2. Adding Relationships

If we use it wisely, social media can be an effective means of making new friends, for example friends who have hobbies, interests, or goals.

3. Encouraging Us to Develop

On social media, many people share achievements, experiences, advice, and constructive stories. If we can accept it positively, such content can motivate us to be more developed.

4. Enhancing Creativity

Many users use social media as entertainment media. Many users are encouraged to hone their creativity in creating entertaining and interesting content, for example videos on Youtube, animation, photography, design, and many more

B. Negative Impact

 Negative Impact

1. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying was an act of bully carried out on the internet. According to data published by PewCenter.org, many children have been victims of cyberbulling so far. How to? We all know that anyone can make fake accounts easily.

The fake account maker can freely conduct bully on the internet without his identity being known. As a result, many bullied victims are mentally disturbed and some of them even commit suicide. Therefore, cyberbullying could no longer be considered a trivial matter.

2. Hacking

Hacking is an act of hacking by someone to get personal information shared on the internet. Some types of social media that can be hacked for example are Twitter and Facebook. There are many motives that encourage the perpetrators of hacking, for example, to post content that will affect or even damage the life of the account holder.

3. Addiction

One negative impact of social media occurs when users are no longer able to control themselves in using social media. Addicted to social media will have a variety of negative impacts, for example, namely reduced association with society and neglecting more important tasks.

4. Facilitating the Spreading of Hoaks

Social media allows us to share content quickly and in real-time . Apart from the various benefits offered, this ability also has a negative impact, which is to fertilize the consumption of hoaks by our society. Especially those who have low literacy abilities. Hoaks can cause hostility and damage to reputation.

5. Disrupting Mental Health

Many people use social media to show off their lives, progress in shaping body goals showing their achievements, and showing how happy and lucky he is as a human being.

On the one hand, no something is wrong with this because it is a user's right. But on the other hand, culture like this can make inter-users jealous of other users' lives.

Examples of Social Media

 Understanding Social Media and Examples

1. Youtube

Youtube is a social media focused on video content. Many people say that Youtube is not social media because there is no friendship ( networking ) which allows mutual friends to share content . But based on the understanding of social media and its characteristics, YouTube is in the category of social media because it allows people to share content and comment.

The platform discovered in 2005 has now even become the second largest platform after Google Search. Many people make Youtube as a medium of entertainment, share experiences, or even increase their income.

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an application messanger which has many features in it, such as sending contacts, photos, locations, documents, videos, and many more. WhatsApp also has an attractive application design but still private so that the majority of people use WhatsApp instead of SMS.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a type of social media that focuses on photo content. Users usually use Instagram for updates of their daily lives. So many Instagram users, many marketers made Instagram as a marketing and sales area.

4. Twitter

Although classified as simple social media, Twitter actually still survives because of its simplicity. Maybe loyal users maintain Twitter because of the lack of toxic that might be given. Most users make Twitter as a place to confide in or share their thoughts.

Well, this may be the number of articles about the notion of social media. Hopefully this article can be useful for readers. Thank you.


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