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Benefits, History & Regulations [LENGKAP]

Definition of Badminton

Understanding literally, badminton is 2 different words namely fur and bad. The meaning of feathers was taken from a spherical shape or a shuttlecock made of goose feathers. And the bad luck is taken from the basic words of fending. So, the essence of the badminton sport game is to fend off every movement of the ball or the shuttlecock.

Badminton sports are also known as badminton. Actually, at first this game was given the name badminton, but by looking at its understanding, this sporting game has another name called badminton.

Badminton sports is one of the sports played by two people (for single players) ) or can also be played with two pairs (for multiple players) that are opposite each other. Badminton sport is a sport similar to tennis.

A Brief History of Badminton

 Badminton and Badminton History

Badminton sports have a history in several versions, namely:

  1. The first version was badminton games originating from the area of ​​Ancient Egypt precisely in 2000 years ago.
  2. The second version was badminton games from India and mainland China.
  3. Third version is a badminton game developing in the United Kingdom, precisely at the beginning of the Middle Ages. Initially, badminton games were named Battledore and Shuttlecocks. This badminton game is very well known, until one of the magazines in England called "Punch" publishes that badminton games are one of the world-class sports games.

Here's a more complete explanation of badminton's brief history:

Sports games badminton began and developed from the Ancient Egypt, precisely around 2000 years ago, but there are also those who say that badminton originated from India and the People's Republic of China.

With the development of badminton sports games, in medieval times in the United Kingdom Badminton games are increasingly widely known by the people in the world. Badminton games are called traditional games of children in the local area, commonly referred to as shuttlecocks and battledore.

At that time, children used sticks or paddles and made tactics together to keep them or balls to stay in the air. and prevent not touching the ground.

Then, in the 19th century badminton sports games were created by a British army officer in Pune, India. The game was created when they added a net and played it in the opposite direction.

Then, in the 1850s the soldiers brought the game back to England. And at the time of 1877, the draft of the regulation of badminton sport was first written by Bath Badminton Club. Then, the British Badminton Sports Association was formed in 1893 and in 1899 was the first international championship with the All England championship.

After the championship, badminton sports became a very popular sport in the world, especially in Southeast and East Asia. And now badminton sports dominate in Scandinavian countries.

Due to the rapid development of badminton sports, an international organization was formed to organize various international badminton activities. So, on 1934 the organization was named International Badminton Federation (IBF) in 1945 which consisted of various countries.

In Indonesia itself also formed the national single badminton sports organization on May 5, 1951, called the All Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI). Then, in 1953 Indonesia was entitled to become a member of the IBF and was allowed to participate in various international badminton sports competitions.

Badminton Regulation

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Regulations are all things that must and must be obeyed. No exception in a game, for example badminton. Here are some rules of the badminton sports game, namely:

  1. The rules of the game used must be in accordance with the rules made and published by the IBF organization.
  2. In badminton sports games, players are divided into several parties. The various parties are further divided into 2, namely single and double parties. The division of the party is also applied to male and female parties. But, in a double party there are also mixed doubles.
  3. The rules used apply to everything related to badminton sports, such as equipment, equipment, and parties concerned. The party that has this interest means the equipment manufacturer.
  4. Before the badminton sport game begins, a lottery will be held to determine the first team to serve.
  5. Badminton sport is led by a referee and assisted by 4 line judge. If, the shuttlecoc comes out of the line, then the line judge gives a signal by stretching both hands to the side.

In addition to the above rules, there are also several rules in suspension or calculation in badminton sports, namely:

Badminton Technique

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Anyone wanting to play badminton must understand basic badminton techniques, not only beginners but professionals must also understand. The following are some basic techniques of badminton sports, namely:

1. Grip or How to Hold a Racket

Grip or how to hold a racket is the most basic technique that badminton players must be able to master. Because this technique is the most important factor that has a strong influence on the quality of defiance (punch) that will be produced.

Before learning other techniques, each player must be able to master how to hold the racket properly and correctly first. The following is how to hold racquets properly and well in badminton sports games, namely:

1. Forehand technique

In badminton sports, forehand techniques can be done using the right hand or the left hand. The trick is:

  1. You make sure the racket on the head is sideways.
  2. Please hold and hold the racket as you shake hands with other people.
  3. When the hand is holding the racket, there is a distance that will form like the V between the thumb and index finger. And the other fingers, such as ring finger, pinkie, and middle finger, hold the racket tightly

2. Backhand technique

Backhand technique or forehand technique, both of which can be done using the right hand or left hand. Likewise with how to hold a racket, the techniques of both are almost the same.

But there are still differences, namely the difference in the position of the thumb and index finger is in a closer distance and position than forehand techniques. The following is how to hold a racket with a backhand technique, namely:

  1. Make sure the position of the racket is beside (sideways).
  2. Then, position your thumb slightly apart from the other fingers, such as ring finger, pinkie, finger middle, and index finger.
  3. The four fingers are the ring finger, little finger, middle finger and index finger holding the racket.

Examples of forehand and backhand techniques:

 How to hold a racket [19659053] 2. Blow </span></h3>
<p> Blows in badminton usually use forehand techniques. The way to punch with a forehand technique is to swing the body from behind, then move towards the front of the racket with the palm of the hand facing the shuttlecock. The following is a more detailed explanation of the basic blow techniques in badminton sports, namely: </p>
<li> Please hold the racquet just like the handle in the forehand technique. </li>
<li> Then, position both legs (left and right) crossed. Where the right foot is behind, and the left foot is in front. </li>
<li> Then, tilt your body to the right. </li>
<li> Then, hit the ball (shuttlecock) while moving the shoulder towards the front. </li>
<li> You leave the hand </li>
<li> Hit the shuttlecock hard to make a clear blow. </li>
<p> Agility is the most important capital in badminton sports, especially when doing foot and punch movements. With agile movements can produce a good punch and quality. So the key is the movement of the feet, body, and hands must be suitable and harmonious so that it forms like a harmony. </p>
<h3><span class= 4. Body Position and Attitude

A balance is needed in this badminton sport game. Balance is the key to becoming a professional player. Here are some of the concepts of balance that can be done, namely:

  1. When carrying out an attack or surviving, the position of the body is by resting on both legs.
  2. Then bend your knees. And stand with your toes, so that your waist will be in an upright position.
  3. Then, open your legs to shoulder width, can be in a parallel position or put one foot in front
  4. Then, place one arm that is not holding racket beside the body. With the aim that the hand holding the racket can move freely.

5. Body Position When Hitting

The quality of a punch depends on the position of the body when it will hit. Therefore, each player must master basic techniques. Here are the ways, namely:

  1. Please position your body towards the side, right towards the net.
  2. Then, position your left foot in front of your right foot.
  3. Position the body behind the ball or shuttlecock.
  4. Position your right shoulder towards the back.
  5. Change the position of the left and right shoulder when making a few punches.

6. Service

Service is a movement or technique of badminton sports games by directing the ball or shuttlecock to the left, right, back, or front of the opposing player. When the position of the shuttlecock is right in front of your opponent, you cannot do service.

If this is done, it means that you commit suicide, that is, you make it easy for your opponent to restore your service and movement to death.

7. Service Returns

Service returns are two ways, namely: Netting and Dropshot. When using basic badminton techniques, immediately avoid smash movements, because smashes can make your opponent easily attack you.

8. Overhead

Overhead is very well done when the direction of the fall of the ball or shuttlecock towards the back of your body position. The way to do this Overhead technique is the same as you throw a shuttlecock with a racket using a forehand technique.

9. Smash

The attack movement or commonly called Smash has the purpose of being able to turn off the opponent's movements. The best way to do a smash is by hitting or attacking while jumping as high as possible and using full force and directing the ball or shuttlecock towards the area under the opponent.

10. Dropshot

Dropshot can also be called a smash but a soft version. The way to use this technique is the same as a smash which has the purpose of turning off the opponent's movements.

The dropshot technique is also commonly used to trick the opponent by jumping high as if he were going to smash using full force.

11. Netting

Netting is a badminton technique that is done by hitting the ball or shuttlecock slowly, then directing the location to fall close to the net. To do this technique, you need a high sense or sensitivity, the way and direction of the position of the ball must be right.

Therefore, with such methods and requirements, the netting technique is often considered the most difficult movement in badminton sports.

That's all our discussion this time about the notion of badminton as well as a brief history, rules and techniques used in badminton games. Hopefully this article can be useful. Thank you ?


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