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Benefits, Examples & Miscellaneous [LENGKAP]

Honest Definition

Honest is one of the traits that exist within humans but is very difficult to apply. Usually only people – people who have been trained and trained honestly from small people – will easily carry out honest behavior. Without honest habits from a small, honest nature will not be able to be enforced with truth – honest truth.

Honest is also a suitability between the actions he did and the words he said. Something he said is indeed what really happened and what he did was the truth.

Honesty has a very close relationship with the human conscience. Conscience is something pure and pure. However, we as human beings sometimes still want to follow our conscience.

If we do something that is not right or not in accordance with the actual reality, then what we do is called lying or lying, and lying is the opposite of honest

If viewed in terms of language, understanding honestly is saying, acknowledging, or giving information that is in accordance with reality or in accordance with the actual event. Whereas lying is saying or giving information that is not in accordance with the truth.

Thus complete understanding of honesty is the attitude of someone when dealing with certain phenomena or an event and tells the incident without any modification or change the slightest or truly – in accordance with the reality that happened at that time.

Honest attitude is something that comes out of the human conscience and is not something that comes out of the results of thoughts that also involve the lust and also the brain.

Understanding Honest According to Experts

 honest understanding is

Based on the honest understanding above, there are also some experts who express their opinions about honest understanding. The following are some expert opinions, namely:

1. According to Mustari (2011: 13-15)

According to an expert named Mustari, saying that honest is a behavior that makes a person gain trust in his words, work and actions, both for himself and for other parties.

2. According to Zuriah (2008: 49)

According to a Zuriah, understanding honesty is a value and principle that must be instilled in a person starting from basic education, such as correcting cross examination results in a class.

3. According to Kesuma, et al (2012: 16)

According to Kesuma and friends – understanding honest is a decision that is owned by someone in expressing their feelings, words and actions that the reality is really happening is not manipulated by imitating or lie in order to benefit themselves.

Honest Benefits

 Understanding Honest and Honest Benefits

Based on the explanation of the above, there are some honest benefits that the kit will get. Here are some honest benefits, namely:

  • Having a heart and feeling that is nice and calm, because you will not be afraid to find out the lie.
  • Obtaining blessings in every effort.
  • Will get a reward like the martyrs in Allah's way SWT.
  • Will survive a variety of dangers. People who say honestly at first will feel heavy, but eventually they will be saved from various kinds of danger.
  • Hopefully guaranteed to go to heaven.
  • Loved by Allah AWT along with His Messenger and certainly also favored by humans.

– Honest Kinds

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Honestly has its kinds. In the teachings of Islam, there are five types of honesty that must be possessed by everyone who adheres to Islam. Here are 5 kinds of juju, namely:

  1. The first is the nature of Shidq Al-Qalbi which is an honest nature in which the application is found in human intentions.
  2. Al-Hadith which is honest sufat where the application is found in every word spoken by humans.
  3. The third is the nature of Shidq Al-Amal which is the honesty in each act and human activity.
  4. The fourth is the nature of Shidq Al-Wa'd which is an honest nature in which the application is found in promises made by humans.
  5. The fifth is the nature of Shidq Al -Hall which is honesty, where its application is found in the reality that often occurs in everyday life.

Examples of Honest Behavior

 Honest Example

Based on the above explanation about the types of – kind and also honest benefits, we can give some examples of such honest behavior. The following are some examples of honest behavior in daily life, such as in family, community, and school environments, namely:

1. Family Environment

  • Always speak frankly if you have made a mistake such as breaking a plate or glass.
  • Always returning change from shopping as it should.
  • Do not use the money given which is supposed to pay tuition or tuition.
  • Notifying parents of the test results or examinations according to what we get.
  • Not leaving parents or pretending to sleep when being scolded and advised by parents.

2. School Environment

  • Always telling the truth, paying for goods purchased according to the prices listed.
  • Do not cheat when the exam is taking place.
  • Always return books borrowed from the library in accordance with the grace period given.
  • If you do not understand and understand the material presented by the teacher, please ask your teacher.
  • Not giving is the reason for lying to the teacher when a friend does not go to school, when in fact your friend is playing truant.

3. Community Environment

  • Always use halal and consumable materials when selling.
  • Always obey and obey and do not violate any traffic signs when driving.
  • Do not overestimate the price tag while being selling .
  • Not giving bribes to the police if they get a ticket.

So much of our discussion this time is about understanding honesty, benefits, types and examples of honest behavior. Hopefully this article can be useful. Thank you ?


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