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Benefits, Characteristics & Examples (Complete)

Definition of Creativity

Creativity is the ability to create something new. Both in the form of ideas and in the form of a real work. If this creativity is related to a work, then it could be a merger between a work that has long been made with a work that has just been created. Basically everyone has their own level of creativity.

In fact, not infrequently from this creativity many people find a new innovation and are very useful for life now and the life to come.

Creativity itself can be formed from the characteristics aptitude and non aptitude . Not infrequently there are also those who consider if creativity are new ideas that are very powerful and astounding.

Understanding Creativity According to Experts

 Understanding Creativity According to Experts Creativity is also defined in 4P, namely [4] product, press, process, and person . Where the four P's are interrelated and mutually support one another.

Starting from the person which means one's personal nature, then proceed to the process that involves the process of making ideas. Then there is the press factor in the form of support and encouragement from the surrounding environment . So as to create creativity products that can be used. While the notion of creativity according to experts, namely:

1. Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI)

Based on KBBI, the meaning of creativity is the ability to create or create creativity. Creativity can also be interpreted as the latest creations and are still original created. This is because creativity is a unique mental process to produce something new, different and original.

2. Munandar

Whereas Munandar said if creativity is the ability to combine, solve or answer problems, and reflect the operational abilities of creative children.

3. Havvel

Havvel argues that creativity is the ability to be able to create a composition and also a new system .

4. Semiawan

Then according to Semiawan, creativity is the ability to provide new ideas and apply them in problem solving. Creativity includes both aptitude characteristics such as fluency, flexibility, and originality in thought, as well as non-aptitude characteristics, such as curiosity, happy asking questions and always looking for new experiences.

5. James R. Evans

The definition of creativity according to James R. Evans is the ability to find new relationships, the ability to see subjects from different points of view, as well as combining concepts that have been mindstreamed in society changed to a concept that quite different.

Benefits of Creativity

 Benefits of Creativity Creativity is certainly shared by everyone. Where everyone has different creativity so that the products produced are different. While the benefits of creativity are:

1. Quality and standard of living have improved

Creativity has the benefit of making quality and standard of living increasing. This is of course caused because creativity can give birth to new innovations. Where this new innovation can be very beneficial for everyone's life so that the standard of living of the community can improve.

2. Early emergence of change

Besides being able to improve the standard of living in society, creativity is also beneficial for initiating a new change in life. Because the results of creativity can be in the form of ideas or a work that is still very new and has never existed before

3. Being a success factor in business

Creativity can also be a factor in the success of one's business. This is why a company or place of business must have creative employees. So that the business can be run more smoothly with the existence of several new innovations from these employees.

4. Motivation of life increases

While the benefits of creativity that can be felt by private individuals is motivation and enthusiasm for life is increasing. This is because someone who has high creativity will always feel like creating a new innovation. So his life can be more vibrant than before.

5. More respect for others

An innovation does not always come from one's creativity. But this innovation can come from the idea of ​​several people being combined into one. Because the results of this creativity come from different people, everyone can respect each other. In addition, everyone who has creativity can work together to create new innovations.

Characteristics of Creativity

 Definition of Creativity and Its Characteristics Creativity also has several characteristics that will make you more easily recognize someone who has high creativity. The characteristics of creative people, namely:

1. Happy to imagine / imagine

People who like to dream or fantasize do not always mean people who are lazy or do not like to move. It is precisely that great creativity can come from people who like to imagine.

2. Like the challenges

Usually people who have high creativity will not be easily satisfied with the results of their creativity. Someone who has succeeded in creating creativity will always feel lacking and will continue to try to create new innovations. This is because creative people are very fond of challenges.

3. Logic is the main foundation of the mind

When faced with a confusing position, the creative person will use his logic to make decisions. Because people like this always have a logical mind and ignore their feelings.

4. Very easy to adapt

The characteristics of the next creative person is very easy to adapt to his new environment. So when he moves to a new place, the creative person will not be confused when socializing with others.

5. Happy thinking

A new innovation that appears and can be very useful certainly does not come from ordinary thoughts. This is the reason why creative people would prefer to think of creating something new.

6. Easily bored

Because creative people like to think and their thoughts are always out of the box creative people will feel bored quickly. So that people like this always try to create new innovations to drive out the boredom he feels.

7. Always inquisitive

Always inquisitive is also a characteristic of creative people. Where when a creative person does not understand something, he will try to ask anyone and also seek information from various sources.

Examples of Creativity

 Examples of Creativity In addition to the characteristics of creativity above, there are also examples creativity. Among them are:

1. Waste recycling innovation

There used to be no innovation to recycle waste, mainly recycling plastic waste. But now there are new innovations about waste recycling with various advanced technologies. Usually this garbage will be recycled into useful items such as lanterns, bags, and much more.

2. Sambal packaging products

An example of further creativity is the formation of sambal products that are packaged in plastic bottles or small cans. So now for people who cannot cook their own chili sauce can buy one of the famous brand chili products.

3. Instant cooking spices

The results of creativity are also included in the field of food, one of which is making instant cooking spices. Where now everyone can cook without the hassle of making their own recipes.

Hopefully the information about understanding creativity as well as the examples above are useful for you.


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