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Bathroom & Meaning Prayer & Exit + Latin [LENGKAP]

In Islam all things have been arranged in the Al-qur'an scriptures and their hadiths. Starting from small things (such as urinating) or big things (state or government) have been arranged in it.

One example is about adab when going into and out of the bathroom there are some things you need to know and you apply.

Because the bathroom itself is a dirty place where the place can be either jinns or demons. If you do not want to avoid the temptation of the devil in the bathroom, look carefully at the explanation below!

Prayers Enter the Bathroom

You certainly often go to the bathroom to defecate, take a shower or other activities. But do you know that when you want to enter the bathroom you must first read the prayer .

Because by reading prayers, we can avoid the temptations of the devil or avoid things that are not desirable, so that they are always in protection of God, wherever we are and under any circumstances.
The following is a prayer when entering the bathroom:

[1945941] Prayers Enter the Bathroom ” width=”554″ height=”325″/>

Prayers Out of the Bathroom

After knowing the prayer entered the room take a bath, you know [1945909]it turns out that when you want to get out of the bathroom you must first read the prayer too.

Even though you have read the prayer at the beginning you have to read again well, Originally came out first . Here are the prayers when going out of the bathroom:

[1945943] Praying Out of the Bathroom [1945904]

Traditionally When Entering and Exiting the Bathroom

Besides praying when I want to enter and leave the room take a shower, you also need to know what are the dads you need to apply when you want to enter and exit the bathroom. Does anyone know? Alhamdulillah, if you don't know about it below, it will be explained in detail, especially point number 4 [1945145] let's see:

1. Reading Prayers When You Want To Enter The Bathroom

The purpose of reading a prayer is to avoid the devil or jinn when in the bathroom and always be protected by Allah. When you are in the bathroom, you will also take off your clothes so that your genitals will open, [1945909] nah Satan or jinn will not see your nakedness because you have prayed before entering the bathroom.

2. Stepping Left Foot when Entering the Bathroom

If you want to get out of the house or enter the mosque, the first step is the right foot. But the two things are different when entering the bathroom, the left foot actually precedes the right foot. Don't get it wrong.

3. When Entering the Bathroom You Should Wear Footwear

The reason is because in the bathroom is a place to defecate or urinate, so it is worried that the bathroom floor contains unclean due to defecation, so that when wearing footwear (sandals) are not carried when exiting the bathroom

4. When in the Bathroom Don't Speak

[1945945] No Bathroom ” width=”541″ height=”360″/>

When in the bathroom sometimes there are some people talking or what we find more often around us is someone who sings while singing. Are you one of them? Indeed, it is very hated by God. And in the hadith it is also stated that:

When there are two people who urinate simultaneously, both of them turn their backs on one another and do not talk. Because God hated it so much [1945149] (Jabir Bin Abdillah Radiyallohu Anhu ') .

5. Behind / Facing the Qibla Is Not Allowed

The name defecating must be identical to the dirty thing, so when we want to defecate or urinate do not turn back / face the direction of Qibla.

In the Hadith of Bukhari and Muslim History: [19659025] If you want to defecate, don't face or turn your back on the direction of the Qibla.

6. Bringing the Verses of the Qur'an Not Allowed

It is not permissible to bring anything related to the verses of the Qur'an, such as being prohibited from carrying the Qur'an, it is forbidden to read the Qur'an, prohibited from carrying lafadz Allah, Lafazd Nabi Muhammad and forbidden to bring hadith when in the bathroom.

7. Responding to Greetings is Not Allowed

Sayings of greetings from fellow Muslims are certainly a must thing to answer because greetings are a saying to pray for "salvation over you". But there is also a place where we can answer greetings from someone. When you are in the bathroom you cannot answer greetings.

8. Eating and Drinking Are Not Allowed

Eating and also drinking are our daily needs, but there are places where we can eat or drink. You may not eat or drink while in the bathroom. The reason is of course you already know . Because the bathroom is not a clean place but a place to defecate.

9. Two baths are not permissible

Except for husband and wife, the prohibition on bathing together is also not permitted.

10. Use Barriers

When in the bathroom, use a barrier (curtain / cover) to avoid being seen by others. Rasulullah SAW Bersabada:

When you want to defecate should close the veil (beristitar). If there is no curtain, you must face the back (1945-1914) HR Abu Daud and Ibn Majah )

11. Stepping Right Foot when Exiting the Bathroom

Well, when you want to get out of the bathroom you have to move your right foot first, yeah, the opposite of going into the bathroom.

12. Reading Prayers After Getting Out of the Bathroom

After doing a variety of activities in the bathroom, you are encouraged to express gratitude to God for defecation, bathing and so on is something that is beneficial to your own body which is removing dirt – dirt or substances that are not useful to our body. If it is not discarded it will cause illness.

That is a discussion about [1945933] the prayer of entering the bathroom [1945911] and the prayer out of the bathroom and adab when entering and exiting the bathroom that need to be known and must be applied in daily life. ] Nurazizah ” class=”avatar avatar-100 wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-100 alignnone photo”/>

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