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Bang & Olufsen has somehow made its luxury Eclipse TV even more luxurious

How do you make super-premium product even more sumptuous without upping the tacky factor? Adding leather or wood – or leather and wood – is usually the answer. In this case, Bang & Olufsen has been sawing some timber.

We’ve already admired the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Eclipse for being one of the world’s most gorgeously premium televisions. And now it’s even more premiumer.

The most striking feature of the Eclipse is its built-in soundbar, which endows it with the best audio you’ll get from any TV without adding a pretty serious external sound system. The trade-off is that you get a chunk – a beautifully crafted chunk, naturally – of aluminium protruding below the 55- or 65-inch LG OLED panel.

On this new Eclipse Wood Edition, that none-too-subtle metal slab is skinned with a handmade oak panel. It makes the Eclipse more a design statement or an interior design choice than just a pretty technological monolith.

This new design touch is the work of Danish genius Torsten Valeur, best known for a slew of B&O products such as the BeoSound 1 and 2, and the BeoLab 5 (swoon).

You really can’t put a price on great taste, though. Oh, hang on, yes you can. The B&O BeoVision Eclipse Wood Edition starts at £8195.

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