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3 Ways to Change Folder Colors in Windows for Beginners!

For some people who are often struggling with computers, they may experience boredom or boredom over time. Dealing with the same folder every day will be boring. Well, you can give a different touch to the folder on your computer. Folders that are given a different color than usual may …

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10+ Best English Learning Applications on Android (Latest 2018)

Today, English is no longer a rare skill. In fact, for certain circles English becomes a must-have ability. And indeed the fact, that the ability of English will open up a lot of space, both in terms of employment and association. However, it cannot be denied that learning English is …

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Qualcomm says Apple gave its trade secrets to Intel, has proof

Qualcomm just accused Apple of giving its trade secrets to rival chipmaker Intel. The accusation is the latest in a round of legal troubles between Qualcomm and Apple. According to Qualcomm, the company has proof of these allegations against Apple but hasn’t publicly disclosed that proof yet. Despite the fact …

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Learn to code like a pro in JavaScript for only $29

JavaScript is the most important language in web development. The job opportunities for developers are numerous and global. In fact, many remote coding opportunities involve JavaScript. The prospect of working from a beach terrace or a relaxed bar is more than a little tempting. If you want to master JavaScript from the comfort …

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Jaybird Tarah “Made for Google” wireless earbuds are ideal for Pixel users

Logitech Few things are more frustrating than unboxing a fresh pair of earbuds only to realize that their virtual assistant access feature is dubious at best. Fortunately, the Jaybird Tarah is “Made for Google,” which means that it’s received the stamp of approval directly from Google. This all but guarantees …

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