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Are Cheap Android Phones Worth It?

Are cheap Android phones worth it? A question everyone has on his or her mind while buying a new phone. After all, if they are good, then why spend more money on a more expensive device, right? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss today. When I say cheap Android phones, I mean the ones you can get under $100. That’s the minimum amount you have to spend to get a reliable & decent working Android phone in 2018.

What Makes a Cheap Phone Cheap?

There’s a reason cheap phones are, well, cheap. There are a few things that separate a $100 phone from a $1000 phone.


The number one thing that makes a cheap phone cheap is the hardware. You simply can’t expect a low-end and high-end device to share the same hardware. The expensive smartphones have top-of-the-line hardware like Corning glass 5 body, high-quality dual-lens camera, 2K or 4K screens, 4 GB or 8GB RAM, etc. These things cost the company a lot more money as compared to the hardware of low-end device like plastic material & low-end processors like Qualcomm 200 & 400 series. In fact, a 200 series processor combined with 2GB RAM, 16 GB storage & an 8-megapixel camera are the classic ingredients of a cheap phone. As a result, the performance takes a hit.


Reliability is also another factor in this scenario. It’s as simple as this – a current generation high-end device can easily last you two years. In fact, it can function properly for a few extra years.

I know a person who bought a Nexus 5 in 2013 and it is still working fine 5 years later. Sure, the technology isn’t up-to-date but does that really matter if all you want to do is get things done? On the other hand, the first Android phone I bought was of $110. That was 4 years ago. And, it stopped working after 8 months. Next, I bought a $250 phone & it lasted me almost 3 years. So, the point is, buy the best & only cry once.

While smartphones have become more expensive than ever before in 2018, they have also become more affordable. The $1000 smartphones aren’t your only option.

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Should You Buy a Cheap Android Phone?

So, the concluding question here is – should you even buy cheap phones? Well, that totally depends on your usage. If all you need a phone for is to do the basic things like calling & texting, then there’s no need to opt for an expensive phone. A cheap phone will do just fine. And, if you are a power user, a cheap phone isn’t for you. At the very least, you’ll need a budget or mid-range device.

Are cheap phones worth it? Well, that’s for you to decide.

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