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Arch Linux Held Their First Internal Conference Last Month In Berlin


Key stakeholders of the Arch Linux distribution quietly met in Berlin last month for their first conference.

Arch Conf 2019 was the first organized meeting of the key Arch Linux developers for this internal event but they hope for Arch Conf to become an annual tradition.

At this event in Berlin the Arch Linux developers discussed infrastructure matters as well as other fundamental improvements / open items for this popular Linux distribution. Among the topics discussed were:

– Progress being made on reproducible builds with an initial focus on the core repository. After the next Pacman release another blocker should be addressed. Ultimately they plan to provide a user-space tool for showing the status of reproducible builds on a system.

– Improvements around packaging of Golang-written programs.

– For the ongoing matter of turning the Arch base group into a base package, they created a new base meta-package.

– Plans for doing a yearly Arch Conf and making other transparency and leadership improvements.

– Working on improved guidelines to boost the Arch Linux package standards and quality.

The results from this first Arch Linux internal conference have been posted to ArchLinux.org for those interested in more details.

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