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Apps You Need for the Winter Olympics

Apps You Need for the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is almost at the end of its first week and you’d be hard pushed not to find it exciting. As a planet of multi-screeners, it seems almost inevitable that you’d be watching the Games with half an eye on the TV and half on our phone or tablet.

It’s easy to get inspired by PyeongChang 2018, so we’ve dug out some of our favourite apps to keep you company alongside every slide, jump, and bobsled…

PyeongChang 2018

The official PyeongChang app will keep you up-to-date with all things Winter Olympics related. You can’t watch every event at once so an app that will give you live updates across all events is extremely useful.

You can discover who’s qualified for finals, event schedules and see a full medals table with this app. It really is a one-stop shop.

William Hill

And your one-stop shop for betting on the Winter Games is William Hill. It’s one of the best Android betting apps 2018 has to offer and you can back all your favourite athletes across every event.

So why not add even more excitement to the Ski Jump or make some money on the moguls?

Eurosport Player

If you’re out and on the go, Eurosport Player is perhaps your best option for streaming the Games. With all the major events as well as catch up services for the ones you’ve missed, you’re only a tap away from all the action.

A notable mention must also go to the BBC Sports app for those in the UK, who also have live coverage of every event across PyeongChang.

Curling Winter Games

This is the perfect game to relax on the sofa with. Curling is one of the most popular sports in the Winter Olympics and transfers itself to mobile gaming perfectly.

Curling Winter Games is the best example on the Android market, with great graphics, plenty of chance to show your skill and, best of all, no ads!

World Winter Games

Once you’ve conquered curling you can excel in 24 more sports in this fantastic app.

Almost transporting you to South Korea, this game is graphically sound and allows you to have a go at everything from ski jumping to luge, and slalom to speed skating.

It’s the best app to have a play alongside watching the events on TV, and for a free app it really is top class.

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