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Advantages, Disadvantages and How it Works

With the rapidly evolving technology and information, so many new terms are emerging. One is a technology called Cloud Computing or in Indonesian terms known by the name Cloud Computing .

Glossary Cloud or Cloud this is actually a depiction of the internet technology itself. Often we see an internet diagram covered or in a cloud-shaped symbol. Cloud computing technology is indeed quite popular and began a lot of interest and used in all areas such as for storage media, industry, industry development and much more.

In this article the author would like to explain more about cloud computing technology, definition or understanding of cloud computing, how it works and its advantages and disadvantages when used. Our hope is that besides wanting to introduce to people who still lay about cloud computing also become a separate learning media for those of you who want to use it or just curious. Immediately a full review of the understanding of cloud computing can you see below:

Understanding Cloud Computing

 Definition of Cloud Computing

For ordinary people may be the term cloud computing is still sounds vague or unknown, though not infrequently in daily activities involving this one technology. The most widely used example is the storage media Google Drive or Drop Box. But cloud computing is not limited to just storage but much more. Previously it had been explained that cloud computing can be interpreted as cloud computing, and its definition in general is a technology that combines the ability of computer (computing) with the development of Internet-based (cloud).

Cloud computing is usually run a program without doing the installation process first. Not only that the user can also access the data – data that is in the application wherever and whenever. One example is in the form of storage media such as Google Drive Drop Box, or other forms of applications such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Azure, Amazon and others. But keep in mind also not all internet-connected applications implement cloud computing as well.

Some big companies besides Google and Yahoo have also started or even use cloud computing system to expand their business. Many of them are found in Indonesia such as DealPOS, Telkom and others

How Cloud Computing Works

 how cloud computing works

Previously it was explained that cloud computing technology is a combination of with internet network. The internet position here is as the server of a program or application used. Users can access data or even make changes to the system with separate accounts and without installing. You can send commands to the system from the program through the provided interface. The commands sent are then stored virtually for further follow-up as appropriate.

With the workings of cloud computing like this then the process will be faster and more accurate. The workings of the cloud system is also more secure in terms of security, because the use of cloud computing is more done in terms of storage media. The use of device harddisk or flash is a lot of risks. That's what lies behind the emergence of Google Drive or Drop Box even though the capacity is still very limited

Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

 advantages and disadvantages

The number of companies that start using cloud computing technology proves that the impact is enough big. For most users do assess the performance of cloud computing is quite satisfactory. But it must be known that a thing that is considered profitable does not close the possibility also still keep its own shortcomings, including also in cloud computing.

Excess Cloud Computing

  • The most prominent advantages in the use of cloud computing and is most often perceived by its users is to minimize costs, especially for a company. But this applies if you use a cloud computing server rental service because there is no need to worry about hardware and other necessities that are needed.
  • Given how it works that utilizes cloud / internet then you can more easily access data wherever and whenever, no need also bring his own equipment.
  • Despite its limited capacity but you do not have to worry about its effectiveness. When the storage capacity is full then as a user you can also apply for increased capacity, for example premium package on Google Drive.
  • Given the use of cloud computing by hosting rental companies then you do not need to learn and understand the system. This is very helpful for consumers because it only needs an understanding of how it works and its use.

Lack of Cloud Computing

  • Although regarded as the safest solution to store data but must also note that cloud computing also still has many loopholes, one of which is still doubtful. Examples of what happens to social media like Facebook, Twitter and others where user data stored on central server can be easily disseminated.
  • Given that you are using a server from a cloud computing hosting tenant company it does not shut down it is also possible that the server time-down or even damage occurs, even though the odds are very small. Also make sure that you choose a proven and qualified hosting rental company.

One of the things that may also often be griped by users is the need for a stable internet connection in order to access data and use cloud computing applications. It also limits the use of the area in view of its adaptation to its network conditions.


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