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Advantages and Disadvantages of Vector and Bitmap in the Design World

The terms Bitmap and Vector may still be foreign to you. However, if you have handled things very often in the design world, then those two terms are no longer new. Both Bitmap and Vector are one of the forms found in computer graphics . Maybe you are still curious about what is a Bitmap and the Vector itself. To learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of vectors and bitmaps, here is a review.

Definition of a Bitmap

A bitmap is an object
graphics made based on dots and combinations of colors. If we
refer to computer science
graph then a bitmap image can also be interpreted as a data structure
which can represent several pixel arrangement of colors which will be displayed later
on the monitor screen. Paper, and several other media.

Advantages of Bitmap

The main thing that makes
A popular bitmap is that it can produce images that can resemble the original
or can be displayed realistically. We can see this in
the cameras we use today are like digital cameras or cameras

Bitmap can also be made
we are creative by adding effects to our liking
we. Starting from lighting settings, using decorations, editing images, and
various other effects.

  • Can be a vector image

Other uniqueness with
using this bitmap format is able to change the image type to
vector image. However, if we want to change the vector image to
bitmap image, then it is very difficult to do.

Lack of Bitmap

The purpose of break easily in
here is the picture quality. If we change the resolution to large
or become small, then the quality will come to change as if
broken picture. Therefore, for the type of Bitmap image that you want to do
editing, then we have to make several copies in order for the original picture
not changed.

  • File size is quite large

Another weakness of
this bitmap type image is having a large file size. That matter
very related to the number of pixels used in the image. More and more
the greater the number of pixels used, the greater the amount of memory

  • The use of effects is very dependent on image quality

This is related again
with image resolution as mentioned earlier. If resolution
the image is too small, the effects will be difficult to apply. Then of
that, the use of image effects will be better if the image resolution is
also used precisely.

Vector Definition

For vector types themselves,
in general is a type of image that is formed from a combination of lines
as well as several points. Merging these lines and points
certainly not arbitrary because it is based on mathematical formulas.

Advantages of Vector

The first advantages with
using this type of vector is that the quality is more awake. This can
we see when doing magnification or resolution settings. When we
change the resolution to large, then the image will not be chapped like
bitmap version. This is also seen when we shrink it.

  • File size is generally small

In terms of memory size
Also used, vector images tend to be smaller compared to versions
bitmap. Therefore, in terms of the use of several creators more design
using vector types compared to using bitmap versions.

  • Can be changed to three dimensions

By using images
vector types, we can create images using three image types
dimension. We can see this clearly if we make things on
Corel Draw and all kinds
Other graphics software . You can also learn what it is like to draw
objects using Corel Draw on various other trusted sites.

  • Can be used to make simple drawings

If you want
simple pictures or simple decoration and not too much
using complicated effects, then you can use vectors as types
the main. This can happen because of the image designs used on
banners, pamphlets, brochures, and other promotional media use an average type
vector in the making. This is also supported by memory usage
small and stable quality.

Vector Shortcomings

  • Cannot be changed more realistically

The most visible shortcomings
of this vector type is cannot be changed to be realistic like the type
bitmap. This goes back to the difference between vector types
with the bitmap version.

lack of vectors and bitmaps in the design world. Although Btmap and Vector
has a noticeable difference, but the two types of images are on
basically is to complement each other. This we can see in
advertisements posted on the streets and other electronic media.
creators usually use two types of images used, namely vectors
and bitmaps. If you want to learn the design of Bitmap and Vector images, you are
can read tips
choose a laptop for graphic design for further reference. Hopefully the article
this is useful.


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