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Adab In Mix In The Maya World

Adab and Ethics Advice In Mix In The Maya World / Social Media. Realized or not the virtual world / social media has given birth to a new form of communication. Greeting friendship greeted to convey the message exchange information and get new friends Bekasi easy to do. Sitting in front of a computer connected to the world-wide click internet can be reached in just a glance.

Even now enough with mobile phones in hand all communications models that are now familiar with the name of social networking or friendship increasingly revive the modern world. Communicating in the virtual world / mediasosial still there are rules that can not be underestimated. In the real world we know the roof interact. Keep oral guard and maintain behavior as well as in cyberspace. It's worth noting online media like social networking is like it's open. So mingle in the realm of Maya as in the real realm there are still the signs.

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