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Activate the XL Card that is Out of Grace

Scorched XL cards are a classic problem that is often experienced by users of this provider.
Usually there are several reasons why the XL card is forfeited. Starting from a broken card,
lost, has not been used for a long time or has expired.

Actually, you do not need to buy a new card because activating an XL card that runs out of grace period is easy to do. However, before entering the discussion on how to activate a charred XL card,

You need to know a few things. One of them is about the characteristics of XL cards that have been burnt, dead and blocked. So, if these features occur on a smartphone, then you can immediately take the best solution to overcome them.

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 The characteristics of the XL card are forfeited, dead and blocked </h2>
<p>Scorched, dead or blocked XL cards certainly have a sign that is easy for you to recognize.<br />
In general, there are six features that signal your XL card to experience all three <br />
the problem above. The following are the six features that indicate that your XL card has been forfeited, dead and even blocked. </p>
<li> A notification appears "No SIM Card Detected" alias card is not detected / read. </li>
<li> Cannot dial out. [19659006] Your XL number is not known. </li>
<li> Appeared MMI code information is not valid. </li>
<li> The internet does not turn on even though cellular data has been activated. </li>
<li> Cannot receive sms or telephone. </li>
 How to activate XL cards which expire </h2>
<p>Aside from being damaged and blocked, the loss of your XL card could be due to past <br />
grace. This condition can occur because you forgot to extend the active period of XL cards that <br />
used. Then, what is the best way you can overcome this problem?<br />
The following is a description of how to deal with it in full. </p>
<li> First, please go to the nearest XL or AXIS center. Don't forget to bring the identity in the form of a KTP and the card you want to reactivate. </li>
<li> After that, ask the CS Service Center to process your request. </li>
<li> Then, you will be asked to fill out the XL card re-activation application form. charred. Whether it's because it is blocked, damaged, lost or goes through the grace period. </li>
<li> If the form is filled in, usually the Service Center will charge a fee of IDR 26,000 for services. In addition, you are also required to refill regular pulses with a nominal value of Rp. 25,000.00 </li>
 Besides applying the four steps, also make sure that the data you fill in <br />
the form corresponds to the data when registering the number first. If it is not appropriate it will certainly be difficult <br />
You where the Service Center usually asks for supporting information. In this case, you <br />
asked to show five calls or the last sms. </p>
<p> Then, you also need to ensure that the XL card does not exceed the active period of more than 30 days. For example, your XL card has an active period until April 1, 2019. Thus, your maximum period of time to activate the XL card is May 1, 2019. So, if the active period has passed the deadline, then it cannot be reactivated. [19659002] Activating an XL card that is out of grace, blocked or damaged does you have to do at the Service Center. Some of you might think that this action is so troublesome. However, this is the best way you can reactivate the XL card, which has expired.
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