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A Quick Way to Know the Access Database Password ~ ​​Open Access Protection

How to Know Access Database Passwords – It seems like other Office programs, Access Databases can also be given a password. For the sake of security in the MDB file or Access Database that we created, it would be better if we protect it with a password. Of course when someone else opens an Access Database whose password has been previously created, the file cannot be opened. When other people open an Access Database that we create, it will appear as follows:

Unless the person who opens the Access Database knows the password.

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Then the problem is what if we ourselves cannot open the Database Access? We forget the password that was previously created. Even though we made the password ourselves. Can we find out the Access Database password that has been forgotten?

The answer is of course you can. Even to find out the Access Database password is relatively easy. We only need one step to breaking the MDB Access file password

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Here's How to Know the Database Access Password [19659011] To find out the Access Database password for our Access requires a third party application We can get this application for free and it is very easy to run.

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Applications that we can use to find out the Access Database password have forgotten this is accesspv . We recommend that you first download the application on the button below:

Downloading the NirSoft Application

Calm this application only measures 17 KB. That way this application will not consume your internet quota. This application is portable, meaning you don't need to install it on a computer / laptop.

After successfully downloading the accesspv application, please extract and run accesspv.exe by right-clicking> Run as administrator .

Furthermore, if the Access PassView window is open, please click select the Get Password button .

Then you search for the MDB file or Access Database which will find the password. Do not let the wrong file that you have to open is the file extension .mdb .

If the process is correct then now you can see the password that has protected Access Database. How easy is that right?

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Ok maybe a short article about How to find Access Database Passwords so much. Hopefully this article is useful and will meet again in other cool and interesting articles. Greetings of success are always …

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