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8 WhatsApp Strengths and Weaknesses We Need to Know

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp? WhatsApp is the most popular chat application compared to other chat applications.

Moreover, WhatsApp has undergone various changes that make this application more and more popular. If at the beginning of the introduction, WA is only used to send messages or telephone. Now you can share your status either in the form of text or video such as the one on Instagram .

In addition, WhatsApp can also be used by all types of operating systems. Another reason why many WhatsApp users are because this application is a quota saving application.

So, even if you use it to chat all day your internet package will not run out quickly. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp? Though this application at a glance there are no shortcomings at all.

Advantages of WhatsApp

 advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp

Below we will provide important information about what are the advantages of WhatsApp:

1. Contacts on the cell phone will automatically synchronize

The first advantage possessed by WhatsApp is that this application will automatically synchronize your contacts. So when you finish adding a contact or a new number and then want to contact that person. Then you don't need to connect or synchronize phone contacts with WhatsApp contacts because is automatically synchronized .

Of course, with these advantages, the use of WhatsApp becomes more efficient. You also do not need to waste your time just to connect your contacts.

2. Easy to use

It's no secret that WhatsApp is an easy-to-use chat application. Even people who are new to smartphones will have no difficulty when using WhatsApp for the first time. In addition, this application also does not need to require a complicated registration that takes up a lot of your time. All you need is to have an active number that you will make your WA number.

In addition, WhatsApp is also not limited to smartphone brands and operating systems. All brands of mobile phones and operating systems are compatible with one of the best and most widely used chat applications throughout the world.

3. Easy customization

The third advantage of WhatsApp is that it makes it easy for you to do customization. WhatsApp is an open source application that makes it easy for users to make various settings according to their needs and desires. You will be spoiled with customization features where you can easily change profiles, usernames, background chat block numbers, etc.

4. Back up chat presence

Did you know that WhatsApp provides a feature where you won't lose someone's message history? WhatsApp already provides features that allow users to back up or back up messages from anyone they want. This means that the message will never disappear while WhatsApp users back it up.

So, for those of you who don't want to lose a moment of discussion or chatting with your loved ones. You can back up your message history for later reading later.

5. Story features available

As the information we explain that WhatsApp has the same features as Instagram. The feature is named stories which is actually the same way of using and functions. You can share moments and write your status, whether in writing or just want to display a video.

Not only that, you can also filter out anyone who has the right to watch your story. That way, you don't have to worry about your status. seen by others that you don't want.

WhatsApp disadvantages

 WhatsApp advantages and disadvantages

Naturally, if there are applications that have flaws. Even the famous WhatsApp does not escape the shortcomings you need to know too.

1. Emotions that are less attractive

The first drawback that is owned by WhatsApp is that this application is considered to provide less interesting emoticons. Actually the problem of attracting or not emoticons is the taste of each user. There are users who find this interesting. There are also those who feel unattractive. They argue that the emoticons presented by WhatsApp are less expressive.

However, it seems that WhatsApp responded to this and now has a sticker feature and various other emoticon additions that are far more expressive. That is, for the first shortcomings it seems we have not found it again on WhatsApp. With a note that you have updated this application to the latest version.

2. Frequently request updates

The second problem which is considered to be a drawback of WhatsApp is that this application often requests updating. Actually it's not just the WA application that asks to be updated. The majority of applications on Android also must be updated. Then what is the purpose? The goal is to improve the performance of the application and delete junk files that can hamper WhatsApp performance.

Even so, you also have to be observant when WhatsApp asks to be updated. You can see whether there are the latest features or just an update without giving any effect. If you don't add anything, then you don't need to update your application and keep using the old version.

3. Considerable data volume

WhatsApp's third drawback is that this application requires a large enough data volume. For the chat feature it might not be a problem and still will save your quota. But when you often watch videos or WhatsApp status in the form of videos. Then of course your quota will be drained a lot if you keep doing it.

Therefore, make sure you have control over the use of internet quota so as not to make WhatsApp an application that makes your internet quota run out quickly.

That is a discussion of the advantages and WhatsApp lacks we need to know. Hopefully the above article is useful and easy to understand!


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