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8 Ways to Avoid Drugs in Teenagers [TERBUKTI]

Today, Indonesia is one of the countries with a high level of vulnerability to the abuse of narcotics and illegal drugs. In fact, Indonesia has entered the emergency level for drugs.

This is because there are many cases of drug abuse that occur almost every time. According to the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) conducted a survey in 2017 stating that nearly 3.5 million Indonesians were indicated to be drug users.

Narcotics being illicit goods can indiscriminately undermine anyone. Starting from officials, people's representatives, judges, students or even even housewives. What is unfortunate is that many drug abuse cases carried out by students who have been addicted to illicit goods are due to several reasons.

In fact, material about the dangers of drugs has become mandatory learning from schools. That way, they already know the dangers and risks they receive as a result of drug consumption, but there are still many students who are tempted by these items.

How to Avoid Drugs

 How to Avoid Drugs

Geographically, location Indonesia is located between two continents and two oceans and its strategic position as an international trade route. This triggered some people to take advantage of the opportunity to smuggle drugs that could be spread to various points in Indonesia, such as the East Coast of Sumatra and Aceh.

In addition, the lack of government oversight and decisive action in efforts to eradicate corruption caused a deterrent effect on the perpetrators. coupled with the dishonesty of some of the officers who participated in the drug smuggling business with the traffickers. This has resulted in drug abuse cases in Indonesia becoming increasingly difficult to eradicate.

For this reason, the government often disseminates information about the dangers of drugs that can threaten the safety of the human soul. However, there are still many people who are victims of consuming illicit goods. In one day, nearly 40 people in Indonesia died as a result of drugs .

Thus, there is a need for more maximal efforts to take preventive or preventive measures to protect themselves and their families from the dangers of drugs. Well, below are 8 ways to avoid drugs that you can apply to avoid radiation from drugs.

1. Studying the Science of Religion

 Studying the Science of Religion

The most important way you can avoid yourself from drugs is to study religion. Every religion teaches its people to always do good deeds. Like Islam which clearly forbids all kinds of intoxicating drinks including drugs in several verses of the Qur'an, such as Q.S. Al-Maidah: 90, Q.S. An-Nisa ': 29, Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 195 and many more.

In addition, you can get closer to God by carrying out all His commands, such as prayer, reciting, praying and others so that good deeds can fortify yourself from things which harms oneself or others.

2. Remember Parental Advice

Basically, every parent expects his children to grow into a person who has good and commendable behavior. Therefore, parents always teach and guide their children with knowledge accompanied by religious science so that their children are not easily affected by the surrounding environment.

When parents advise, try not to fight or disobey. It could be, the result of fighting your parents is easy to fall into or be persuaded to do a disgraceful act, such as an act of drug abuse. If that happens, then you will feel loss and certainly will make parents disappointed and embarrassed.

3. Embed the Dangers of Narcotics in the Self

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The next way is that you have to instill in yourself that drugs are things that are forbidden by religion and the state. Instilling the danger caused by drugs which leads to destruction of organ systems even causes death at a young age.

In terms of law, the act of drug abuse already has clear legislation. For those of you who act as dealers or users, you must be prepared to deal with the provisions of the law that apply in Indonesia.

4. Selective in Choosing Friends

Environment has a big influence on the formation of one's character. This is also related to the statement that the environment is not good, can be one of the causes of drug abuse. If you act as a parent, then you have the duty to control and supervise children's behavior, whether at home or in the social environment.

Pay attention to friends who associate with your child, if you have deviant actions, then your task is to advise children to be more selective and be careful when choosing friends. It may be that friends who have bad behavior will influence your child to share the same behavior.

5. Do Not Be Persuasive

 Don't Be Easy To Be Persuaded

When a friend persuades you to try these illegal drugs, then refuse with gentle words. Or in other cases, when an unknown person gives you a drink or food, you should not accept it. Because, maybe it has been mixed with drugs or other illegal drugs.

Indeed, at first, the people will give you the drug for free. When you have taken it, it will cause a sense of addiction that makes you continue to take drugs until finally addicted.

6. Bjiak in Facing Problems

Surely, everyone has difficulties and problems in their lives. When you are afflicted with problems and don't finish, don't let them vent it into bad deeds, including drug abuse.

Many of those who consumed drugs were caused by the severity of the problems they faced to create feelings of depression. For this reason, what you have to do when dealing with various problems, solve the problem wisely. Because, there are no problems that have no solution or solution.

7. Familiarize Yourself with a Healthy Lifestyle

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Another way you can prevent yourself from drugs is to get used to healthy living. Starting from eating healthy food, regular rest, exercise and others. That way, a healthy lifestyle can be an alternative to ward off ourselves from the dangers of drugs.

8. Filling Leisure Time with Positive Things

There are various positive activities that you can do to fill your spare time such as channeling hobbies and talents or doing social services that can benefit many people. Positive activities are expected to be able to avoid themselves to ward off negative thoughts that might plunge us into negative actions, such as taking drugs.

So much information about how to avoid drugs. Hopefully we are always protected from these very despicable actions.


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