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8 Tips for Choosing a Good and Quality Computer Motherboard

For those of you who have often been in the computer world, the existence of a motherboard is one of the most important computer components. The function of the motherboard is as a way to connect each component of the computer.

For those of you who prefer to use PC assemblies, choosing a motherboard is very important. If you choose the wrong motherboard, it will not only affect computer performance. It also has an impact on CPU durability. It could be that the CPU will be easily damaged or have to be serviced and various other problems. Therefore, when going to buy a motherboard, you must pay attention to the following Tips for Choosing a Motherboard.

1. Socket Processor

Tips for Choosing the first motherboard that must be considered is the processor socket. Processor is the brain of all computer components. So from this section you need to pay close attention. You need to choose a processor socket that suits your needs. For example, if you prefer to use Intel's processor, then you have to make sure the processor socket used can be used for Intel type processors. Likewise with the processor socket for the AMD type. Do not let you buy a processor whose socket supports AMD but you choose a processor from Intel.

Selection of motherboard socket
This is also related to the upgraded version of the processor itself. Such that
It has been known that both AMD and Intel processor upgrades have experienced
development. This also relates to the size of the chipset. By considering
processor socket You don't have to bother replacing a new motherboard if
want to upgrade the processor.

2. Motherboard size

Motherboard size too
you need to take into account. Generally type
motherboards currently have four types. The first type is EATX, second
is ATX, the third Micro-ATX and fourth is mini-ITX. This is related
closely with the CPU casing used. In addition, the size of the motherboard is also
affect the number of PCI and slots on the motherboard. Therefore,
make sure you select the size of the motherboard according to the case you are using.

3. Features on the Motherboard

Motherboard features are also necessary
a further concern. Examples of motherboard features such as M.2 slot,
RGB Syncm, USB type C, Wifi, Amplifier, and many more. Make sure you choose
important features only. because, the more features you want,
then the more expensive the price of the motherboard.

4. Number of RAM Slots

Number of slots in computer RAM also
it's important to consider. This number of RAM slots allows you to
upgrade RAM one day if needed. At a minimum, you choose
motherboard that has two RAM slots. That way you can use
one slot for main RAM and the next slot for additional RAM later. However,
it will be much better if you choose a motherboard that uses a lot of slots
RAM for example 4 slots or even more.

5. Number of PCI Express slots

Not much different from the previous Tips for Choosing a Motherboard, you should also consider the number of PCI express slots contained in the motherboard. The PCI Express function is very useful for adding USB ports, audio cards, SATA ports, and various other ports. However, this returns to your own needs. Do not let the budget be used up only for things that are not needed.

6. Number of ports in the motherboard

The motherboard port is very
needed to support various devices that will be needed later. Example
are USB type 3.0 or 3.1, USB type C, HDMI, LAN, Audio, and various ports
others. It's the same as some of the previous points that make sure you choose
motherboard port as needed. If using a complete port
of course the price will be more expensive. Moreover, if the port is not used the same
once, of course it will be very wasteful because one day there will be a lot of dust
sticking and finally broken.

7. Onboard Audio

Some modern motherboards
have used an onboard audio processor so we don't need it
additional speaker to make a sound. Even in quality, audio
This onboard is not inferior to other audio systems. However, part
this can be considered optional. If you prefer to use special speakers
to get the sound out, you can skip this part.

8. Moherboard appearance.

Display of age motherboards
now it's different from the old days. Now, you can complete
motherboard with RGB LED. Generally, motherboards use more RGB LEDs
widely used by gamers. But, of course, in terms of more expensive prices
when compared to a motherboard without RGB. Therefore, go back to the section
the budget you have.

That's 8 tips for choosing
a good and best quality motherboard that can be your choice. For
more specifically, you should do a survey in advance about the price of 1945
motherboard at this time. After you have enough budget to
buy a motherboard, then you will easily adjust the budget with
motherboard needed. Hopefully this article can provide benefits for
All of you.


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