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8 Easy-to-Access HP Screen Cleaner Tool

One's hygiene can be seen from the cleanliness of the objects around it. One of the objects that can be a benchmark of personal hygiene is a mobile phone. Loh how come? Of course, because mobile phones have become the needs of today's society. Moreover, the functions of technology, information, and communication in life in society in the use of mobile phones are quite helpful in daily work as technology develops.

Plus, HP now has a touch screen technology. This makes our HP can be vulnerable to contamination by germs or bacteria. Therefore, we must be diligent in taking care of our HP screen.

Caring for HP is not just paying attention to the hardware part of it. You also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of your HP screen. To keep the HP screen clean, you can use some HP screen cleaning tool that is easy to use, simple, and without a lot of money out. You can try the following HP screen cleaning tool to suit your needs. These tools are in fact almost identical to the tools to perform how to clean tempered glass . However, there is a bit different. Let's look at the information until the end of this article.

1. H andwash

Do you know that alcohol gel is often used as handwas or hand sanitizer? Well, the alcohol gel can also be used to clean your HP screen. An alcohol gel is actually not harmful to a smartphone, provided you can use it the right way.

The way to use it, you first prepare a soft cloth. Then, you can pour the little gel of alcohol on a cloth. Put a little water into the cloth as well. The ratio between alcohol and water is 40% to 60%. Then, wipe gently over the HP screen. Keep in mind, do not pour the alcohol gel directly on the HP screen. Because, it will damage the phone screen.

2. White Wood Oil

Oil commonly used to prevent these colds can also be used as your HP screen cleaner tool from dust causes Android to quickly heat . How to do? Here is how:

  • Prepare eucalyptus oil, soft cloth, or cotton
  • Pour the eucalyptus oil into enough cloth
  • Wipe the dampened fabric all over the HP, especially the screen
  • Do not use hairdryer for drain the affected phone. Usually, in the mobile phone there are many components that can easily be damaged if exposed to heat.

3. Microfiber Cloth

Using a soft cloth is one tool to clean the dust that sticks to your HP screen. Why should a soft textured fabric? If you choose a fabric with a rough texture, then it will actually damage your screen. Most likely, the rough cloth will scratch the surface on your HP screen. So, you can use a soft cloth or choose a microfiber cloth to clean the lens glasses.

Well, for the use of this cloth to clean the HP screen is very easy. You can follow a few steps below:

  • Prepare cloth with soft material or fabric
  • Make sure the fabric used is clean cloth
  • Then, wipe directly on the screen HP
  • Wipe the fabric thoroughly and slowly on your HP screen

4. Cotton Bud

The tool to clean the ears of this ear can also kok you need to clean the screen HP. This Cotton Bud could be a substitute for the microfiber fabric described in the previous way.

Eitss, you still have to make sure that Cotton Bud used has a very soft cotton so that the fibers will not scratch your HP screen. The materials needed are not much different from the previous way, namely cotton bud and clean water only. (19659011) Pour a cotton bud on your HP screen ] 5. Clean Water

If you feel your HP screen is not clean enough just by rubbing cloth, you can combine the cloth with clean water. Well, the combination of clean water with this cloth is considered powerful to remove dust attached to the screen HP.

Still, the first thing you have to do is prepare clean water. Clean water here does not have to boiled water, tap water can also kok. However, make sure the tap water is clean and clear water. It would be better if you use water that has undergone a process of distillation (filter).

Prepare also two soft clean cloth. How should two do? Because one cloth to wipe the screen HP uses water, and one other cloth to clean the remnants of liquid from water. If everything is ready, you may just follow the following steps:

  • Pour water on a clean cloth to taste. You do not need to make the fabric too wet, just pour water to the end of the fabric only.
  • Next, wipe the wet cloth on the screen HP slowly and thoroughly. Try to wipe carefully and do not press.
  • Once you have enough, you can wipe the screen surface slightly damp with the other clean cloth. Wipe it until your HP screen is completely dry and not moist.

Keep in mind, however, that you should not wipe the HP screen too wet. You also are not encouraged to splashing or pouring water directly on the HP screen. Because, it can actually cause your HP screen is damaged and could be the water into the components of your HP hardware.

6. Solatip

This one glue tool is not just to stick things together. You can use this tool as one way to clean the screen of dusty and dirty HP. Apparently, it turns out, the solatip is powerful enough to remove dirt and also dust that sticks to your HP screen. However, you should use them very carefully. Here is how to use it:

  • Prepare solatip or isolation
  • Paste the solatip or insulation on your HP screen
  • Let stand solatip or isolation attached to the screen of the HP for a moment
  • Then, remove the solatip / isolation attached to the screen HP slowly

7. Special liquid

Nowadays, there are already plenty of tools or even special liquid for cleaning HP screens. Well, you can use this one tool to clean your HP screen. The reason is because this particular liquid has certain chemicals that are able to remove dirt and even fingerprints that are on your HP screen. You can find it in the online store.

How to use it is very easy, you simply pour this liquid as a substitute for water on the cloth. Next, you just have to wipe the fabric with this special liquid on your HP screen. Wipe well evenly

8. Sinar UV

Perhaps this one tool is quite difficult to obtain, but this tool can be how to clean the dirtiest HP to clean your HP screen. You can use a tool called Phonesoap's UV Charger . This tool is one of the advanced products that claimed to eradicate the dirt on your mobile screen.

In addition, this tool is capable of producing light waves that are claimed to be useful for cleaning and destroying existing bacteria on the HP screen. Although, it is not yet certain how great this tool to clean the screen HP.

So many of our articles this time around HP screen cleaning tools. Hopefully this article can be your reference to clean your HP screen. If you want to clean up your junk files on your mobile, see our discussion about clean master function that we discussed earlier. Keep your HP clean, yahh,


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