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8+ Differences Edmodo with Facebook & Explanation [LENGKAP]

Talking about the development of the world of information technology is endless. Moreover, with the internet that has an impact in various fields of human life. Some areas of life affected such as the field of communication and education.

Who does not know Facebook, a social network that provides a place for many people to be able to interact with each other throughout the world without any limitations on distance and time.

However, have you ever thought that there was a site developed by developers with the concept of social networking which helped teachers in the world to share knowledge or carry out teaching and learning activities to students. One example is the Edmodo site

Now, this time I will try to explain some of the differences from the two social networking sites namely Facebook and Edmodo. Just look at the explanation about the difference between Edmodo and Facebook below.

Understanding Edmodo

 Understanding Edmodo is

The definition of Edmodo is a microblogging platform developed by Nicolas Borg and Jeff O'Hara in 2008 This platform is specifically designed to be used by teachers and students in one class. Indirectly, this media develops the function of its physical classrooms which is creating a digital learning system that is easy, efficient and makes students not easily bored due to conventional learning.

Edmodo combines several features of the LMS concept (Learning] Management System and social networking ( Social Network ). Later, the feature allows teacher communication in delivering teaching material to students who are members of a closed class ( closed group collaboration .

That is, only users who have group codes can enter the class and enjoy all the features available. Some other features that can be utilized by Edmodo are that the teacher can give quizzes or evaluations of the material that has been taught to his students, discuss each other, students can send their assignments in it and the value will come out automatically when the student completes it.

the use of edmodo is not just for teachers and students. Parents of students can also join the class to continue to control the development of their child's learning. With this platform, it provides convenience and development in the world of education to be more modern.

Understanding Facebook

 Facebook's understanding

Understanding Facebook is a social networking platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Initially, Facebook was developed for introductory means for students in the Harvard environment.

Continues on the development of Facebook which is used to compare two faces with the availability of comment fields for users who will see it. Until finally, Facebook was officially introduced to the public in the world in 2006 which allowed users who were 13 years old to be able to register and have a Facebook account . . Among other things, users can share information about themselves and can share it with other users so that other users can see the user's identity. Users can comment on information entered or shared by other users. Not only that, as the development of the Facebook era was utilized in the field of e-commerce namely to promote a product and look for its business partners.

Difference Edmodo with Facebook

 Difference Edmodo with Facebook

As explained above, there has been a difference between Edmodo and Facebook. Or if you still don't understand it, below are some of the differences between the two social networking sites based on their respective features.

1. User Information

Although both can be used free of charge, Edmodo and Facebook are different. To register for the Facebook social networking site, users are asked to enter some privileges about themselves.

Starting from full name, date of birth, gender, date of birth and email address. This is used by Facebook for advertising. Whereas Edmodo, only asks the user to enter their full name and username to register.

2. Personal Learning Network

Edmodo divides the user into two states namely teacher and student. The teacher can make the class then share the class code with students as a password to join in their class.

Automatically, students who are members of the class can only receive the teaching resources that have been shared by the teacher. Conversely, users with student status cannot create their personal network. Because, his role is only limited to the members of the class made by his teacher.

Whereas Facebook does not distinguish user status as Edmodo did. Facebook allows all users to build a network of friends with anyone around the world. In addition, Facebook also does not limit users who want to create groups. Other users can search for group names and join in without any limitations.

3. Advertising

Edmodo is a site that has a funding model obtained from other sources in terms of advertising. While Facebook is a site that obtains funds through advertisements that are in it.

4. Access Permit

Generally, there is no school that limits students to access the edmodo site. In a sense, no school has blocked the edmodo site in the school environment. This is because this site is an additional medium for schools to develop teaching methods for students.

On the other hand, there are some schools that prohibit students from accessing facebook sites due to many disadvantages that disrupt the learning process of students at school.

5. Chatting

Edmodo does not allow users with student status to have conversations with other muri. While Facebook does have features chat to help users interact with other users. In addition, users can set profiles to accept or reject incoming personal messages.

6. Integration with Google Docs

Basically, edmodo is used to help teachers provide teaching to their students so that teachers can share materials and give quizzes to students who are members of their class. Teachers can provide material or quizzes in various document formats, such as word, excel, powerpoint and others. That way, Google docs can be integrated in the Edmodo platform.

While Facebook is not integrated with Google docs, it's just that users can share links or links contained in Google docs.

7. Quiz Making

Edmodo allows teachers to be able to provide quizzes for students who are members of their class by using the feature Create Quiz available in it.

Whereas Facebook does not explicitly provide quiz features but can insert quizzes in it.

8. Values ​​and Tasks

Basically, edmodo was indeed developed to help teachers create modern teaching methods. Thus, Edmodo can record and store student achievements that it has done. While Facebook does not provide that function in it.

Well, that is some explanation about the difference between Edmodo and Facebook. Hopefully the above article is easy to understand and can add insight to all of us with the development of the technological world that is happening. Thank you for visiting.


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