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8+ Causes and Ways to Overcome Laptop Hang (100% Effective)

Damage to a laptop can happen anytime and anywhere. Initial damage that often occurs on a laptop usually hangs or not responding. This definitely makes us upset not. Problems that often occur such as hangs when you want to turn on, hang when browsing on the internet the cursor jams, or goes out.

Especially when we are working or doing tasks and suddenly our laptops die while the worksheet we don't use auto save. That's the kind of thing that really sucks. Therefore we must know what causes the laptop to hang and we also need to know how to overcome it.

Causes and Ways to Overcome Laptop Hang

Actually there are so many reasons why laptops hang so you need to maintain so you can pay attention to anything that can make the laptop hang as an anticipation. Here are some of the causes and ways to deal with laptops hangs.

1. First Aid to Overcome Laptops That Often Crash

This first method usually has only temporary traits and can be when – when it hangs back. Then, please read it and listen to every step given.

Here are some ways you can do when your laptop hangs or not responding when you want it turned on, when booting and when you are using

a. Overcoming Laptop Hangs during Boot or Entering BIOS

  • Please restart your laptop, then enter BIOS mode by pressing the F2 or F8 or button. del just adjust the brand of your laptop. Each laptop has its own settings.
  • Then, after entering the BIOS, please select Advanced BIOS Features.
  • Then, please look for those related to BIOS cache. Then, choose disable [1945995].
  • Then, save by pressing the F10 button, then click enter .

b. Overcoming the Hang Laptop when it was just started (19659014) When entering Windows, there is usually something that can happen to a laptop that hangs. Well, this might be caused by several things, namely:

1. RAM and fan dirty.
If the Ram and fan are dirty, you will immediately clean it. To clean RAM use a rubber eraser. As for cleaning the dirty fan, use a brush or vacuum cleaner. However, if you are in doubt, please bring it to a technician. 2. Windows programs have problems.
Windows programs that have problems can occur due to corruption, missing file systems, and viruses. If it's like this, please try to scan the registry using the CCleaner application and scan the virus using Antivirus. 3. Other possibilities.
You can review other problems. It might be caused by a problematic motherboard. To fix this, please bring it to the nearest service center or technician.

c. Overcoming Not Responding Laptops

Here's how to deal with laptops that are not responding:

1. Usually if the laptop is not responding, there will be a text that appears above. As in the picture below
 the cause of the laptop hangs

2. First, please press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard simultaneously. As in the picture below
 press ctrl + shift + esc

3. Then, please select the program that is not responding, then click "End Task" . As in the picture below.
 task manager

4. Another alternative is to press Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously on your keyboard. As in the picture below
 press ctrl + alt + del

5. Then, please click on "Task Manager" and follow the steps above. But, if you want to close the whole activity, please select Log Off or Restart.
 how to deal with laptops hang through the task manager

6. Finished. Usually your laptop can be used again.

d. Overcoming a Laptop that Hangs when Online / Internet

If your laptop often hangs on the internet it is usually caused by a virus or malware. When you are browsing on the internet, there could be a virus that comes in because you visit illegal sites or download strange applications or programs.

Therefore, you must always be careful and scan regularly with the best Antivirus. Another possibility that can happen is too much history, cache, or temporary files in your browser. Try cleaning it using the CCleaner application.

e. Overcoming Laptop Hangs while Playing Games

Here are some of the causes of laptop hag when used for playing games, namely:

  1. Laptop fan dead
  2. Insufficient laptop specifications
  3. RAM memory or VGA Card damaged
  4. VGA Card and Processor too hot
  5. Problem hard drive

Here's how to fix it, namely:

  1. Install fan (fan) add or replace new
  2. Make sure the laptop specifications match the installed game
  3. Uninstall the game
  4. Check the state of RAM and VGA Card

f. Overcoming a Stalled Hang Laptop Total

Here are the ways to deal with a totally jammed laptop, namely:

1. Please press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard, and various options will appear. Then, please select Log-off or Sign-Out. In addition, you also have a restart or shutdown. Please adjust it.

 how to deal with laptops hangs on windows 7 and 8

2. If after pressing [1945916] Ctrl + Alt + Del does not appear, try closing the laptop screen. Usually the screen settings that are still default will do sleep mode automatically. Just wait for a few minutes. Then, please restart your laptop. Check the situation, is it still like that?

3. If it's still like that, you have to press the power button for 10 seconds in another sense you have to force your laptop to turn off. This method is actually quite risky, but occasionally it might be fine.

2. Scan with Antivirus

If the operating system that you are using is Windows, your laptop will be easily exposed to viruses. If there is a virus, then your laptop can hang suddenly. The virus can damage the system files so that there will be an error or corrupt.

The solution is to first check the laptop using the safe mode feature. When the laptop is first turned on, enter by pressing the F8 key and then selecting safe mode. If after doing that the laptop runs normally, which means there is an indication of interference with the operating system . But, please try to scan using antivirus first, because it could be the act of the virus.

3. Uninstall a Program

If your laptop often hangs suddenly, there may be too many programs or applications installed on your laptop. If, the application or program is rarely used or not too important, you better just delete it. And just using an important application or program, it's better for your laptop.

4. Restore Windows

If you do an ineffective virus scan, try Restoring Windows on your laptop. Restoring means returning the state as before. There may be a time when the system crashes, possibly due to overlapping in the corrupted driver or program. Therefore you need to restore.

The methods are:

1. Please press Windows Key + R . Then the Run window will appear . Then, please type rstui and click Ok . As in the picture below.
 type rstui
2. Then, the Restore Points dialog box will appear. Please click Next . As in the picture below.
 click next

3. Then, please you choose the time you want to restore. Then, please click Next. As in the picture below.
 how to deal with Windows 10 laptop hang
4. Wait a while until the restore process is complete.

Usually if you have done the method above the laptop will run without hangs.

5. Update Driver

Another possibility is in your laptop driver. Try opening the Device Manager in the Control Panel. Llau, update the driver you want. Or you can also uninstall or uninstall then restart your laptop.

After that, install the driver using the default laptop driver CD. If you don't have a CD, another alternative is to use the Driver Pack Solution.

6. Reinstall

If system restore and driver updates still don't work, chances are you have to reinstall the operating system on your laptop. There may be a disruption to the system directory so it is difficult to repair. Try to reinstall Windows and install the driver according to your laptop type.

7. Check and Upgrade RAM

If you have reinstalled and it doesn't work, try cleaning your RAM on your laptop, there may be dust or dirt. You can also add or use similar RAM to install in the available slots. If it hasn't been successful, chances are you have to replace RAM with a new one.

8. Replace Hard Drive

A damaged laptop hard drive or bad sector can be the cause of a laptop hangs when turned on. This is the last possibility. In addition to RAM and hard drive, you also have to check other components that are still in touch. Maybe there is dust or dirt that causes the laptop to hang.

So this tutorial about the causes and how to deal with laptops hangs. Hopefully this tutorial can be useful. Thank you 🙂


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