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8 Best Free Seo Tools

Best Free Seo Tools For Bloggers and wordpress keyword research improve blog template data structure schema markup seo tools to improve the position of SERP ranking page 1 google web / blog anda.seo tools for the purposes of blogs and content more friendly in search engine google . Hello buddy blogger after so long admin not posting an article about seo this time admin code whiz will give you a little information about seo tools that you must know and you use to improve the eror or data structure that is in the template and your blog page. this tool really really helps you in improving the entire framework of the blog to be friendly to the search engines.

For those of you who want to increase the visibility of your blog in google search, we need some tools or tools SEO or arguably an accurate application to maximize research and management of a website in the search engine. Here are some of the best tools / tools (free and premium) that you can use to help optimize your blog to get the best ranking in search engines.

The basis of every marketing of a blog or website is to find the right keywords. And for bloggers, this is one very important thing because keyword research can be the basis to generate good blog topics and rich in meaning and word. Besides the following keyword tools tools also serves to check the data structure contained in the blog, what are the obstacles of the difficult index in the search engine clearly can you see in the tools tools ini.Kita also can check backlinks what is embedded in our blog, which backlinks that can be said safe and not, And Below are presented some tools that can You use to start keyword research and improve the structure of your blog data ..

Best Free Seo Tools 2018 New

1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

 Seo Tools Keyword Research With Google Adword / Keyword Planner "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 854 "data-original-width =" 1006 "height =" 540 "src = "https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Yr5sNXcSzVE/WxIB38EI3XI/AAAAAAAADWE/VafMb_Ny0nQq3J_j_N_gERF3eRYe1LyYwCLcBGAs/s640/google-adwords-keywod%2Bplanner.png" title = "Seo Tools Keyword Research With Google Adword / Keyword Planner" width = "640" /> </a></td>
<td class= Seo Tools Keyword Research With Google Adword / Keyword Planner

Tools Or The first tool I strongly recommend the option to research keywords is Google AdWords Keyword Tools.It seems the reason is Self-explanatory, because this feature is owned by google is definitely the accuracy of the data obtained can be practically 99% we can rely on.Selain use of this tool is also very easy once we just Simply enter some key keyword phrases for your blog, and in a short time this tool will give you the phrase associated with the word kun ci it along with the user's search volume. If you have a Google AdWords account, you can get up to 800 keywords, in addition to many more benefits from this one tool

2. Majestic SEO

 Seo Tools Keyword Research With "border =" 0 "data -original-height = "621" height = "313" src = "https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-pfVY3Y_-GEA/WxIFNH_XRlI/AAAAAAAADWQ/LsP8ZakD9PEtSaB8Zt8d8myMvquFMpSnQCLcBGAs/s640/ (19659006) Seo Tools Keyword Research With Majestic SEO </b></td>
 Maybe you all are very familiar with this one tool, yaap definitely this one tool is a tool used for checking backlinks, and arguably accurate level can be said exactly.In addition to backlinks this tool also serves to check the keywords and graphics metrics of visitors.In addition you can also peek backlinks anything that is on your competitors through this tool, and what things are yan g concerning the victory on your competitor's website you can sample by using this tool. </p>
<p><b><span style= 3. SEMrush SEO Toolkit

 Seo Tools Keyword Research With SEMrush "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 651 "height =" 338 "src =" https: / /4.bp.blogspot.com/-qgHVTkOP3hs/WxIIE53ubFI/AAAAAAAADWc/PbsMN_vQexkAGCnxIjsQKmodQtYuCgiTwCLcBGAs/s640/semrush-seo-toolkit.png "title =" Seo Tools Keyword Research With SEMrush "width =" 640 "/> </a></td>
<td class= Seo Keyword Research Tools With SEMrush

SEMRush is actually a premium paid tool that allows marketers to research an organic keyword keyword (normal results displayed in search) and paid search, but we can also use the free version can register enough with the email only, we can use this feature but if you want to find the maximum results it is advisable to upgrade to a paid version.Simply enter your website address or website your competitors and get information k unci about site traffic, site ranking keywords, competitor backlinks, keyword analytics and many other benefits. This is great for analyzing your competitor's site information

4. Site SEO

Seo Tools Keyword Research and fix elements With Seo site tools

Once you have selected the keywords for the main blog and defined the blog topics, you will surely want to then optimize the blog for those keywords. The following tools tools will help you see how competitors optimize your search and allow you to add appropriate meta tags (i.e. content that Google reads to help index your blog) .This one SEO tool is a Chrome extension that lets you quickly see tags The main SEO of any website (an important element if you want to rank well on Google) includes title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and ALT image tags.To use this one tool you simply install the extension and install it in your browser your chrome. after that you are free to apply it.

 Seo Tools Seoquake "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 481 "height =" 398 "src =" https: // 2. bp.blogspot.com/-cfvHlfvAnKw/WxIRRaTZrdI/AAAAAAAADW0/HzGbULoy2loQM56Ctc5V8Dv2Mo_vnmD-gCLcBGAs/s640/Seoquake.png "title =" Seo Tools Seoquake "width =" 640 "/> </a></td>
<td class= Seo Tools Seoquake

Years 2018 This SEOQuake is regarded as one of the best free tools / SEO tools Just like the above tools Seoquake is also a Chrome Extension. But this tool serves as an SEO checker tool that performs site audits on the page, assessing internal and external links. more complete than the tools above.In addition this tool can also peek information about the competitor's website comparison to help you determine how to beat your competitors.Another feature of SEO analysis tool yag this one is keyword analysis such as keyword density, dashboard and an easy-to-read website menu, and an export feature that makes it easy to download and send data

 Seo Tools Seoquake "data =" 681 "height = "468" src = "https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-E8djokTiQNY/WxIRlYpYW-I/AAAAAAAADW8/21k_YQ9ykwsCYMg0myrnWh4Alq1yHKr7ACLcBGAs/s640/Seoquake%2B1.png" title = "Seo Tools Seoquake" width = "640" / > </a></td>
<td class= Seo Tools Seoquake Extension

Some experts and, a digital marketer and SEO content creator, love this SEO tool. He says, "They really love good browser extensions, and SEOquake is one of the best free SEO tools to find instant SEO metrics on websites or SERP pages. I can directly pull the SEO audit on the page for myself or a competitor, and the SERP visualization feature is the most amazing of the main page metrics and the results can also I export to CSV. This tool can save you hours of work and in a flash can create content that is optimized for SEO. "

 Seo Tools cognitive seo" border = "0" data-original-height = "603" data-original-width = "961" height = "400" src = "https: //2.bp.blogspot. com / -dTX13GR_bSA / WxIhpY1_GGI / AAAAAAAADXI / 09yY6F84_ZcVuK6CAJFlAg1G8KmBxt6MgCLcBGAs / s640 / cognitive-seo.png "title =" Seo Tools cognitive seo "width =" 640 "/> </a></td>
<td class= Seo Tools cognitive seo

what is cognitiveSEO This is an SEO tools / software tool that offers various types of functions that you can use for SEO purposes.Through this one tool, CognitiveSEO can provide you with extensive analysis and insights that can be used to improve your SEO experience.From backlink analysis to the detection of unnatural links, all wrapped in complete cognitiveSEO, and do you know this tool has helped many SEOexperts to avoid or restore a website from Google algorithm updates with katalain tools this one can help you restore the ranking of the affected website penalty by google. Plus now they have released features of their latest features that you must try,

Tools this one is seo tools issued by microsoft designed for seo practitioners do not bother thinking about search engine optimization (SEO). One of my favorite free tools is one of them is IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit from Microsoft.

IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit is a Search Engine Optimization Tool is an add-in extension for Internet Information Services (IIS). IIS is basically a website server and SEO Toolkit is a website crawler (it only crawls websites hosted on IIS). If you have installed the Microsoft Web Platform or Microsoft WebMatrix, you have installed IIS. It's also a feature built in Windows, but it's not added by default. IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit helps Web developers, hosting providers, and web server administrators to improve the relevance of their websites in search results by recommending how to make the site's content more search engine friendly. The IIS SEO Toolkit includes the Site Analysis module, Robot Exclusion module, and Sitemap and Site Index modules, which allow you to perform detailed analysis and offer recommendations and editing tools to manage your Robots and Sitemaps files. "

8. Authority Labs

 authoritylabs seo tools "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 475 "data-original-width =" 722 "height =" 420 "src =" https: //4.bp .blogspot.com / -3CIuOw1_zWc / WxOOjyHUUFI / AAAAAAAADXg / uxF8V9iim8sod-xV_HdxsAQDJlH7BAebwCLcBGAs / s640 / authoritylabs.png "title =" authoritylabs seo tools "width =" 640 "/> </a></td>
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Authority Labs offers a program / clean interface tool to track 250 keywords across 50 domains with different accounts Their clean, easy-to-understand interface makes it easy to view your current ratings and changes.


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