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8 Best Clothes Design Android Applications

A smartphone is a
communication tool that is currently used by so many people. Besides
for communication functions, smartphones are also used as a tool for entertainment,
business, and even for various activities in pouring creativity.

Today more smartphone users use the Android operating system. Android is one of the types of computer operating systems that are popular in the world today. The advantages and disadvantages of the Android OS are that the price is more affordable than the Apple version. In addition, the Android application also provides flexibility in making applications in it.

Currently there are many software that can make it easy for developers to be able to create an android application. For example, Android Studio, and other Android application maker software without offline coding. One application that is favored by users or users is the shirt design application.

With increasingly mushrooming
online stores today and easy access to the internet
people, now anyone can express their creativity ideas only with
use a smartphone. If you are also interested in designing clothes
using an Android smartphone, here are 10 applications.

1. Fashion Design Flatsketch

You like dress design
which is more sketched? This application is perfect for you.
The Fashion Design Flatsketch application provides designs for clothes
what you want in the form of a sketch.

In this application,
there are several kinds of sketch models that you can use directly or you
You can also draw your desired clothes sketch yourself. Besides that, in the future
this application also has additional other details in making clothes.
For example, buttons, zippers, belts, ties, and other knick-knacks.
The most important advantage of this application is that you can use it
for free on the Play Store.

2. Learn to Draw Clothes

Are you still a beginner in making clothes but want to learn more deeply? You can use the following Android clothes design application. The Learn to Draw Clothes application is designed for those of you who are still beginners in dress design.

There is no need to worry about difficulties in learning because this application has been embedded with several tools that can facilitate you in learning. In addition, various types of templates used can also make it easier for you to make clothes as you wish.

3. Ruler 2

Need a more detailed shirt design application?, Ruler 2 is the answer. In this application there are features of a ruler whose purpose is as a measuring tool in making clothes. Amazingly, in this application features are also provided to change units from imperial to metric.

This accuracy in the Ruler 2 application also makes it an excellent application in designing a shirt. It's just that, this application is not free, aka paid. However, if you see the features in it, this application is worthy of your account.

4. Photo On Tshirt

Want to design Tshirt-type clothing, the Photo on Tshirt application is the answer. This application makes it easy for you who want to be creative in designing Tshirt. The focus on this application is to give the pictures you want to a plain Tshirt.

In addition, this application is also similar to the photo editing application and the current photo editing application . How? Are you interested in using it?

5. Pantone Color Finder

Difficulty in determining colors that are suitable for the design of clothes? The Pantone Color Finder application is worthy of your account. This application is more focused on knowing and giving color recommendations that are suitable for you to use. At first this application was only an extension on the Firefox browser and Google Chrome.

But along with the times, the Pantone Color Finder application can also be used for Android smartphones. The method is very easy. First you use this application and then Pantone will automatically analyze what colors are used in the photo.

6. Ingubo

Confused about the current clothing trend ?, Ingubo can provide a solution for you. Besides being used to make clothes designs, this application can also be used to find out what are the trends of clothes in the last few years. Amazingly, this application can also predict clothing trends in the future.

7. Fashion for Man

What kind of clothes are confused for Adam ?. You need to try the Fashion for Man application. In this application there are several examples of clothes that are suitable for use by men. Plus, in this application there is also a tutorial for making men's clothes.

Examples of images used in this application in HD resolution make it easier for you to see the details used on the shirt.

8. Modern Women Blouse Design Idea

The name of this application is indeed quite long, but you can guess from the application title what the main focus of this application is. Yup, this application is more suitable for designing Muslim women's clothes. In this application there will be a number of references that you can use to make Muslim clothes that are syar'i but can also provide a quite attractive style.

Those are the 8 best and easiest clothes for Android applications that you can use. Hopefully this article can benefit you all.


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