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8 Best Caricature Applications on Android

Photos are activities
take pictures using a lens that is connected to a device
named camera. The photo was first made still using the camera concept
simple one. However, the process of making a photo takes time
the old one.

Luckily with the development of computers because the camera also developed. Cameras that initially can only take photos with only black and white colors, can now take pictures according to their original colors. Even the camera has joined the cellphone.

Now we are not strange with cellphones that already have cameras. Even cellphones with cameras have become a package that cannot be separated. Along with the development of computer networks, the more ways to manipulate images. Nowadays there are many software and applications that can process images according to their wishes both online and offline.

One example of a photo processor that is quite popular with the community is caricature. You can also make caricatures only armed with an Android smartphone. Do you want to know what the application is? Here are 8 applications for face caricatures on Android that you should try.

1. PicsArt

For Android users, it is definitely quite familiar with this one application. The PicsArt application is one of the current 1945 photo editing applications among Android smartphone users. The advantages of this application are the many tools that can support your activities in manipulating images such as frames, crop, filters, etc.

Besides making photos as caricatures, PicsArt
can also make photos and images in cartoon and comic versions. Plus
again, there are effects that will further beautify the photos you make. Thing
the most important of all that has been mentioned above is this application
you can use it for free. To be able to use this application, you
just download it on the Play Store.

2. Pixlr

The next application is Pixlr. Pixlr is another popular photo editing application besides PicsArt. The advantages of this application are many tools that can help you in editing a photo. Examples such as turning photos into caricatures or cartoons.

One advantage of Pixlr is that there are tools to improve photos with less lighting. That way, dark photos can be made brighter. In addition, this application can repair photos that have blur.

3. Moments Cartoon Caricature

If you want an application that is more focused on making caricatures, then this application suits you. This application called Moments Cartoon Caricature only focuses on making caricatures as you wish. In it there are many tools to support your creativity in editing photos to become a caricature.

Besides making it a caricature photo, you can also create an avatar from the photo you have edited. Of course you can use this as an avatar in your social media.

4. C Artoon Art Pics Photo Editor

If you want an application that is not too complicated and more specific in giving effect to photos, the cartoon art photo pics will be the answer. The Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor application is not too many tools presented in photo editing. This application presents more of the effects you want, including caricature effects.

There are around 30 caricature and cartoon effects that you can use. Plus this application has a feature to be able to directly upload your work on social media.

5. Sketch Me!

Need an application that not only converts photos into caricatures but can also be used as sketches ?, Sketch Me! Can be the solution. This application has effects and also tools that can help you edit photos into caricatures and sketches. Amazingly, you can use this application for free or free. You can also share your photographic work on social media.

6. Cartoon Camera

Want a photo editing application that can be used directly on the camera? Cartoon Camera can be your choice. In this application, you can directly edit photos from the camera. Cartoon Camera is also one of photo editing applications being cartoons .

So, when you take pictures using this application, there are lots of caricature and sketch effects that you can use when taking pictures. To get more features, there is also a Pro version for you to use.

7. Face Look Changer Pro

Even though the application name uses pro-frills, in fact you can use this application for free. Face Look application is a photo editing application that is more specialized in making caricatures, animal faces, changing faces. Plus, this is also the 1945 sticker application itself.

In addition, a number of supporting backgrounds are also embedded in this application to make the photos you make more interesting.

8. Deep Art Effects

Finally is the Deep Art Effects application. Competitive advantages
striking of this application is being able to turn photos into a caricature
which is made as if it were the work of a professional artist. Plus you
can change the resolution of the desired image to full HD so that the image
become sharper. This application is also available in the pro version with more content
many filter effects compared to the free version.

That's the 8 best face caricature applications on android you use. If you are interested in learning other photo edits, you can read the references on how to make vector art on Android. Hopefully this article can be useful for all.


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