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8 Basic C ++ Programming Functions

In the world of programmers, many types of program languages ​​can be learned. Even though the program language is a lot, however, it still has the same final goal, that is, making an application or software. Each program language has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Among the program languages ​​that are well known today, there are several examples of structured programming which must be known. However, there is one program language that has its own uniqueness, namely C ++. C ++ is a program language that has long been created since the second generation computer is running.

The uniqueness that exists in the C ++ program language is in its function. The functions contained in the language of the C ++ program have the following objectives.

1. Facilitating Application Creation

Of course the most important thing in making an application is easy and fast. With the function features in C ++, programmers can more easily create programs. Besides being easy, the coding process can be done faster.

2. The size of a program can be smaller

With the functionality of C ++, the size of an application or software that is created can be compressed to smaller. Although the reduction is not very significant, it is enough to reduce its size so it does not take up a lot of memory.

3. Deciphering Commands Becomes Simpler

Sometimes there is a command code that must be written with a very long code. besides rum, it can also take a long time. Now, by using this function, complicated and long codes can be simplified. Besides saving energy, the functions in C ++ also make it easier for programmers.

4. Preventing Repetition

Usually programmers have made small mistakes. An example is repeating the same code. By using functions in C ++, repetition codes can be prevented. That way, there is no need to do the work in vain.

5. Can Use the Same Code Even though Different Applications

For programmers, usually he will create applications that suit their own programming style. If the application that makes it does not differ much from the previous one, then the code used must not be too different. Well, the functions that exist in C ++ can help programmers speed things up. If you use a function, programmers can write the same code in different applications.

6. Can Break Parts of Application

In an application that is created, many features must be made. Making the application also requires a lot of code even though the results will only be for one time. Therefore, if the programmer makes an application that is quite detailed and complex, surely the code needed is also a lot.

With the function in C ++, the manufacturing process can be divided into smaller ones. That way, programmers can focus more on completing applications separately. This of course can reduce errors in the application made.

7. Can Hide User-Side Features

Another advantage of using a function from C ++ is that it can hide features that cannot be accessed by the user. For example, features that are only specifically created from the admin side cannot be displayed on the user's side. Therefore, the function of C ++ is very helpful. In addition, this function also prevents users from freely modifying an application. That way, an application can be safe from the hands of hackers.

8. Can Trace Errors Easily

When there is an error when creating an application or software, the programmer usually has to check all the codes that have been made. However, when using functions in C ++, errors in the code can be found more easily. Because, class code can be searched for functions that are used so there is no need to swipe all the codes.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages of the c programming language that you must also understand. Here are some types of functions in C ++:

Functions with typical voids have a purpose in running a program that is often used almost every day. therefore, if the programmer makes an application that is routine in nature, void functions need to be entered.

With this overload function, when there will be a call from the user, the application can find out what command will appear even if the code is called the same. If the programmer uses the same code even though the command used is different, then the addition of this overload function needs to be done.

The main benefit with this prototype function is being able to equalize names, types, and function parameters used before the main function is known by the main application . After that, the programmer can make whatever content he wants.

This inline function can speed up the function calls that have been made by the programmer. In general, the function called by this inline function is a recurring call.

That is the basic programming function of C ++ for programmers. With functions found in the C ++ program language, application developers and computer software are easier to make. If you want to learn more about the language of the C ++ program, you can read articles about the C ++ programming language and also examples of simple C ++ program arrays . Hopefully this article will benefit you all.


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