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8+ BALI MUSIC TOOLS along with Pictures + Explanations [LENGKAP]

Bali is one of the most sought after places by foreign tourists with a unique culture that is always presented and exhibited to guests who come to Bali.

Based on geographical location, Bali is located between the islands of Java and Lombok. With an average population of Hindus, Bali is a world-famous place as a center for tourism and art in the region. Not infrequently people who come to Bali want to see this region's dance arts, especially their traditional musical instruments.

Bali is not only famous for its interesting tourist destinations. Bali also has an interesting history of traditional musical instruments also for us to learn from Indonesian citizens.

8 Balinese Musical Instruments

Not only is it popular with the beauty of its tourist attractions, Bali also has an interesting history associated with traditional Balinese musical instruments. The island of Bali is synonymous with beaches, Hindu nuances, and a thick mystical culture, Bali also has diverse traditional musical instruments that are still original and also rare.

Not only that, Balinese culture still feels thick in the community [1945990] ] and is still a Balinese identity until now. In addition to the typical and iconic Balinese traditional clothing, Balinese culture can not be separated from the presence of traditional musical instruments.

Yes, in every region, certainly there is something called a regional musical instrument, including in Bali. Here are some examples of traditional Balinese musical instruments with their unique characteristics:

1. Rindik

 Balinese musical instruments - Rindik [19456531] </p data-recalc-dims=

Rindik is a traditional Balinese musical instrument made of bamboo, where this instrument was played by how to be beaten using a baton called pelul.

Rindik is a musical instrument played by two or more people and has a selendro tone.

Today, Rindik is still being used by Balinese people to accompany various kinds of art in Bali such as being a musical instrument or welcome guests who come.

2. Ceng-Ceng

 Bali Musical Instruments Ceng-ceng

Musical instruments Ceng-Ceng is one musical instrument from a series of Balinese gamelan instruments. Ceng-Ceng has an important role in a series of Balinese Gamelan among other traditional Balinese musical instruments.

Ceng-ceng is played by being hit in the round copper section at the top and will sound "ceng-ceng-ceng" as the name suggests. To make a loud noise, you only need to hold the two parts above with both hands.

In Bali, Ceng-Ceng is often used in gamelan barungan, semar pegulingan, gong gede, pelegongan, barong gong gebyar, and others – other. In Bali there is also a fairly well-known performance called the Batubulan Barong Dance of Bali, you can pay for tickets to the show to be able to enjoy it.

For one set of Ceng-Ceng, it consists of two parts which are often divided into top and bottom. At first glance this one Balinese musical instrument looks like a cymbal in appearance.

On the outside, this cengceng is pinned by a kind of rope or tassel that also functions later as a handle by being clamped by a finger. The ropes are often named Bungan Cengceng.

Ceng-Ceng is made of jackfruit and copper wood. Ceng-Ceng consists of 6 round metal at the bottom and 2 round metal at the top of the rope which is at the top of the bronze Ceng-ceng.

3. Barrier

 Bali Gerantang Musical Instrument

Gerantang is a musical instrument made of bamboo, arranged in such a way in a row. The barrel is similar to a Rindik musical instrument, but the difference is at the top.

Challenges add bamboo at the top and also at the bottom to play, for example a double keyboard. Challenges are usually used as accompaniment to traditional Balinese art.

4. Dragging

 Balinese Musical Instruments Dragging

Pereret [1945919] is an ancient Balinese traditional musical instrument that has a trumpet-like shape, this instrument is still in existence. The way to play Pereret is by holding the trumpet, then blowing through the hole at the end of the trumpet.

The line is often used by Balinese people in their cultural arts performances in the form of Sewo Gati art, just like Arja art in Bali, but this art the dancer's position only sits.

Balinese people who still believe in mystical things believe that Pereret can be used as an act that is not good, they believe that this instrument can be used as a witchcraft for women to want to marry the man who did this .

5. Genggong

 Genggong Musical Instruments </p data-recalc-dims=

Genggong is a Balinese musical instrument made from the basic material of palm tree fronds or in a local language called pugoug. Genggong can produce a sound that is very loud and similar to the sound of a frog in a field.

The gong is played by pulling the part of the rope on the right side with the player's oral cavity that functions as a resonator.

from the large and small mouth of the player.

6. Balinese Gamelan

 Balinese Gamelan [1945941] </p data-recalc-dims=

Balinese Gamelan [1945919] became a frequently heard musical instrument, where Balinese Gamelan became a distinctive musical instrument during Balinese performing arts as a dancer, ogoh-ogoh , etc.

How to play Balinese Gamelan is almost the same as when we play a drum.

7. Gong

 Gong [1945943] </p data-recalc-dims=

Musical instruments Gong also became one of the important musical instruments in playing traditional Balinese musical instruments. Gong made of metal is played by hitting just the part of the protrusion in the middle.

8. Flutes


The last Balinese musical instrument was Flutes where musical instruments made of bamboo had six holes.

Six holes function to adjust the tone when played by the player, where the player will blow the hole at the tip of the flute.

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