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7 Ways to Prevent the Negative Impact of the Internet on Children

Network development
computers have had a lot of impact on community activities. That thing
we can see from the side of getting the actual news information. If first
we can see the latest news in newspapers, magazines, television to radio,
then now we can get it only through smartphones.

Likewise from the side
entertainment, only with one smartphone device, we can enjoy
various kinds of entertainment such as music, film, radio, news, games, and others.
Although it looks fun the development of this internet network has an impact
internet positive and negative . Especially for children.

We can see this
from the last few years most children have held even
play a smartphone belonging to the old ornag or his brother. Smartphone
not having a filter can have a bad impact on children's development.
Even if we don't forbid it, it will be difficult to remember
the difference in age seen today. therefore, for impact
negative internet child does not occur, here are ways to prevent it.

1. Invite children to play gadgets in crowded places

The most effective way to
preventing children from opening restricted sites is to invite them on
crowded places. If at home, then you can do it in the family room. If
outdoors or traveling, it can be done in places
crowded. You need to pay attention that do not let the child use a computer or
laptop in the room alone. Because, that kind of thing opens the opportunity
for children to steal opportunities.

2. Activate the parental control feature

Inside the computer as well
A smartphone has been provided with a feature called Parental Control. This feature
used as a "supervisor" that can replace parents to look after
children playing gadgets. Therefore, this feature is very useful
when the child tries to open banned sites secretly,
but in the end it couldn't because the parental control feature had been

3. Expand applications that are useful for children.

You are as much as possible
install applications that can be used as learning material for
child. If children like games, then install games that are more stimulating for memory
and children's creativity. You can also install the application
Android-based e-learning on smartphones so that children can learn
while playing. This is certainly very useful for brain development

4. Participate in providing internet learning to children

Given internet access
can be used by anyone and at any age, then we as people
old people like it or not, they have to jump in knowing what and how
internet now. if as parents can not know that,
how can you provide education to your child? Therefore, as a person
old, peru to provide good learning methods when browsing on
Internet. Also provide education about anything impact
internet positive and negative in your child.

5. Play gadgets frequently with children

Wrong mistake
from parents is to let their children play gadgets alone. That matter
of course, opens a big opportunity for children to open things that are not enough
its age. The best way is to accompany him when he plays with
your gadget. It would be much better if you also participated in giving
information about what is being chosen by the child so that there is interaction
between parents and children.

6. Check children's gadgets often

If the child has been given
gadgets, whether it's smartphone or computer, so parents need to
see what children often see in their gadgets. Although like
that, as a parent also must give full trust to the child so
can be responsible for the gadget. If things are found
suspicious, then you can talk about it well in children. Don't be
like interrogating like a newly captured criminal alive.

7. Use applications to block banned sites

If computers and gadgets
You don't have a parental control feature, so you can use it
a special application to block sites that are harmful to children. Example
only, you can use a firewall, proxy, or other applications.
This can provide a sense of security towards the reach of children.

With the ease of access to the internet at this time, this makes anyone able to access internet sites freely. On the one hand it is very useful for children, especially school students. The role of the internet on student learning achievement is one example of the positive existence of the internet in education.

Even so, the intrinsic danger for school children is also undeniable. Oelh, therefore, as a parent, needs to understand the existence of the internet in children so that they are not adversely affected and receive more positive effects.


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